Has GAG given you the feeling that people are quite similar?

on what they worry about ?

I mean we are so human in the end right?

different people but we all feel and worry about how

others consider us . . and we all seek for . . ?

what are your thoughts? what do we seek for ?

connection with others? just to satisfy our curiosity? what?


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  • Definetely! One o the biggest things I've taken away from GAG. It seems we all want to be loved and have an awesome spouse to share life with. We all want to belong and have felt lonely, misrable and worthless at some point in time. We all want to know where we are going in life and want our families and friends to be well off. Its quite funny how we live in a world where we all generally want the same thing, yet we're too caught up in the negative and bullsh*t, if we just stopped, listened, and observed we could see that we are all here for the same reasons and there is no need to fight and hate each other.


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  • Life gave me that impression long, long before GAG haha.

    • great experience from life ;)

      I had the impression from life too but only from the people around me .

      now I can see people's worries are universal!

      and the truth is that many people don't have the freedom to express

      some matters to the ones close them . . Maybe fear of judgement!

      but what I can see here is that everyone talks about what he/she has on mind,

      therefore I realize our similar thinking (or differences . .) :)

    • aww that's nice! :)

      I heard an expression, "the more personal, the more universal".

      GAG kind of shows that is true.

  • Everyone seeks to be the center of the universe. The sole god(dess) among mere mortals. The goal should be complete acceptance of ourselves and others as we are. Though, we aren't making very much progress at all. Even with 'GAG'. I don't often have the same issues as people here though what HAS given me the feeling that we're all alike is speaking with people from various cultures and in different languages.

    • I agree with you . .

      when I speak to people with different origins I can see how similar we are . .

      but also I can understand how, because of the difference of the society we live in,

      we differ on how we express our opinions . .

  • No, just the feeling that someone posts on a lot of different accounts. =P

  • Lots of similarities it seems.

  • I already figured that out years ago. When you notice stupid things having huge fandoms you put the pieces together.

  • GAG has actually made me lose all hope in humanity.


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