How to open messenger on GAG?

I can hear the noises of someone messaging me, but I can't see it. It's supposed to pop up on the bottom right?

That's not happening for me, how to I get it to?


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  • What browswer are you using?

    If your connection is on the slower side (less than 50 Mbps), or if your comp or browser is running slow, (at least for me) refreshing the page usually works for me to get that Meebo bar to finally show up.

    • I use Safari... and my connection speed is pretty fast.

    • check your widgets/add-ons for ad or data blockers.

      i never used Safari so I'm not too useful here. :(

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  • Refresh the page. I did that today and It worked

    • ya... didn't work...

    • Exit the browser and go back to it and if all else fails restart the computer. That always seems to fix stupid problems lol

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  • Make sure the toolbar is showing - if it's not, click on the arrows in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

    You may need to hard refresh the page using CTRL + F5 buttons, and wait for page to refresh.

    Also, Meebo has known issues with various website browsers such as Chrome and Safari. We recommend using the most updated version of Mozilla Firefox.

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