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Vote for following categories according to your experience with GaG Users, by their answers,profile pics,comments etc.

1.Humorous Guy & Girl-

2.Intelligent Guy & Girl-

3.Hot Guy & girl-

4.Famous Guy & Girl-

5.Attractive Guy & Girl-

what the hell !Most of the users are watching this question to find out that, is their name on list? But nobody is answering...humans specially girls have strange behavior ...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm the lightning rod for all hatred on 'GAG'. People don't like my disconcerting answers so they feel the need to lash out at me personally. What they don't realize is that I'm not here to obtain advice or to ask questions. My sole reason for being here is to slap some sense into people who, quite often, need to be slapped.

    • dude I have read your answers and they are logical and to the point always.For me you are the one of the nominee for intelligent Guy user :)

    • Woot! Woot! Thanks! :D

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What Girls Said 1

  • 1. comeback

    2. RedThread/ G-Daz

    3. too many to mention

    4. 7gnat

    5. too many to mention

    • looks like you have a fan here on GAG (just see answers below).Name any one for 3 and 5 category

    • yeah I just saw it.. uhm 3. alanaa and 5. missnobody ^-^

What Guys Said 7

  • Me x 5.

  • Its been a one week since I am on GAG so I don't know many users but a few ones that I know are>

    Humorous Guy(comeback) and girl(anonymous because most humorous answers are by anony girls).

    Intelligent Guy (tie between khesthrope and belgie), Girl (playfair &tolouse).

    Hot Guy(Maverick120287),hot girl(Alanaa).

    Famous Guy (theuglyone),famous girl (Tie between justme20 and poeticninja).

    Attractive Guy(Nikkobellic :)),Attractive Girl (kady4e)

    • dude this is what I call proper technique of answering. Thank you.

  • Alright alright, I'll step up and take one for the team.

    It is with a heavy heart that I admit I am the most humorous, intelligent, hot, famous, and attractive guy in all of GAG'dom.

  • Looking through your high school year book or something?

  • dude where the f*** is the douchebag guy category I was looking forward to winning that

    • lol

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    • it's a tie between me and kambo

  • Is this by age group?

    • no age group just vote for who ever you want except yourself

  • 1. ahemm <3

    2. ahemm <3

    3. ahemm <3

    4. ahemm <3

    5. ahemm <3

    • looks like we got the winner of biggest fan of ahemm :)

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    • i'll let you know if you marry me... ;)

    • oh sure! but there's a long line so pls fall in line :P .. srsly thanks that was a cute compliment but I'm in a committed relationship :))