What are your 2013 NFL Playoff Predictions GAG?

My picks are as follows:

Division Series:

Broncos defeat Baltimore

Green Bay defeats San Francisco

Seattle defeats Atlanta

New England defeats Houston

AFC Championship:

New England defeats Denver:

NFC Championship

Seattle defeats Green Bay

Super Bowl:

New England defeats Seattle

No football fans here I guess.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's no doubt about it - the biggest winners yesterday were the Pats. They'll be delighted to see the Ravens & 49ers through at the expense of the more dangerous Broncos & Packers. And now the Seahawks are in real trouble in Atlanta as well - it just gets better and better.

    Barring a miraculous comeback from Seattle, it's looking like a Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl...

    Go Seahawks!


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  • 0-2 so far

    • I'm aware, thanks Captain Obvious. I didn't see you with selections, but I'm sure you'd have something wrong.

    • i had NE, DEN, SF, and ATL