Would This Be a Crazy Idea for a Paper?

Hello everyone!

I have a project due for my college English class. In it we are suppose to write about a community we belong to. I was thinking about doing a paper about my home town, but it feels so over done to me. I was thinking of actually writing about the GAG community, since I answer a lot of questions on here. It would definitely be unique. What do you guys think? Should I stay safe and write about my town, or write about GAG? I would be presenting it, so if you had to listen to it would you be interested in it?

Thanks for the input!

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  • Write about your home town
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Thanks everybody, I decide to just write about my home town. Boring, but it will serve for this paper.


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  • write about something else that you are a part of like a club, organization, being female, a certain interest, you could write about Facebook/twitter, or even being part of a fanbase for a sports team


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  • I think London Princess should toss you some free Xper for the publicity if you do. =P

  • I think if you wrote about your hometown, you would have a lot more to write about lol.

    • You could wrote about gag, but then it's like, it's not really a community per se. You should run it by your teachers first.

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    • Exactly. There's a little bit of everything here. Plus I can include some of my fav questions to answer. Is it okay if I include your question on judgement? I liked it!

    • No problem lol

  • Gag it baby gag it

    • Don't do it. Your home town sucks baby

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    • :P anytime and I will toss in a free bear joke for good measure...A bear and a rabbit are pinchin a loaf in the woods at the same time. Bear says to the rabbit " you ever have a problem with poo stickin to your fur?" Rabbit says "No"...so the bear picks up the rabbit and wipes his butt with him.

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