Has anybody ever won a contest on GaG?

There are contests you can enter and win in and I was just wondering who on here has ever won one. What was the contest and what was your answer.

I think this will be fun to see how smart people really are on here :)


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  • I won the "Your #1 Deal Breaker" Contest after three days from joining the site. I thought, "What the heck, might as well keep my mind off until I get my own question answered." I sped forward to level 9 easily and got XPER 3000 points. Most of my points got eaten away from my inactivity, though.

    This was my answer (excuse my Engrish):

    "I believe that disrespect is the main source of any relationship breakup. Everyone is kind, patient, tolerant, forgiving, or hopeful to another, but if they feel disrespected, resentment, distrust, and fear follows it.

    I experienced people who have been rude, said hurtful things to me, or lied to me, but I would forgive them. After a few times of them repeating their attacks at me directly or indirectly and after they apologized many times, I realized they were disrespecting my kindness. They kept asking what pushed my limits when I was giving up a lot for them and only asking them to stop doing what was hurting me."



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  • I won a 500 dollar amazon gift card in a sweepstakes several months to a year ago.

    I didn't win any written contests has yet.

    • Winning a contest here has nothing to do with intelligence like you implied. Just thought I'd add that.

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    • that would be sweet to win 500 dollars

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  • no but ti would be really awesome if I did .

  • I have yet to win a contest on this website, but I will win a few sooner or later.

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