I can't stop gagging, any advice welcome

Recently (past few months) I've had been increasing my food intake (in order to work out more efficiently) and I've found myself with an increased hunger as well. However every meal it gets to the point where the food "tickles" the back of my throat and I start to gag.

Now this doesn't stop me being hungry and I can continue to eat whilst attempting to subside this effect but it is rather annoying trying to eat and to keep on gagging (it happens even if I eat small portions so it's not the size or the food I eat).

What ways's can I aim to stop this from happening or alternatively is there (I cannot believe I'm askng this...) any way to tame my gag reflex?


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  • Go back to your old diet for a couple of weeks and see what happens. You said you increased the amount of food you eat. So maybe you increased it too much and your body is trying to tell you something.

    There is also a possibility this is about liquids or electrolytes. You may not be hydrated enough and it's causing dry or raw throat.

    The thing about diet is that no matter how much you read and study about it, it is individual. Everyone reacts differently to different diets. You need to listen to your own body.

    Aside from anything to do with the diet itself, it could be purely psychological. Once you start thinking you are going to gag, the gag reflex just increases because you expect it.


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  • It's because you've eaten so much that your feces have piled up inside you and are tickling the back of your throat. You'll either have to eat less, or poop more.

  • Clicked on this question thinking it had no connection whatsoever to eating...

    • Dirty minded I see...

    • I see three meanings actually. Gagging physically in the sense of food, in the sense of *cough* **** *cough*, as well as GAGging as a verb to mean using GAG which is the abbreviated form of the name of this website.

    • I hadn't even considered the latter...

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  • i had this due to stress the year I graduated! you seriously need to be careful, after a while I was so stressed I could not keep any food down anymore, and it was NOT bulimia, it started when with the gagging small parts of the meal came back, so do not vomit! my GP said I should take those digestion dropsor whatever and my grandmother said she always uses vinegar after a meal to stop this from happening..

    • Thanks for the advice although I doubt it's stress, seeing as my LCU is below 300 and have more daily uplifts than hassles I'm technically not stressed. I'll make sure to avoid throwing up.