What is your favorite website to waste time on? Other than GAG?

What is your favorite website to waste time on? Other than GAG?


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  • YouTube, subscribed channels and songs

    deviantart, I make models and sketch and paint so its natural I'd be there, I follow people like karanak and my friends (damn he's good o_o)

    community.eveonline, when I'm eager to see the new trailer and patch dev notes

    google drive, when I have another vivid dream and have to write it down before I forget, then draft it into a readable novel for the future, currently have four novels based on each one of the four consistent vivid dreams I have, these that are constantly growing and have been divided to 40 chapters, each within 4 books, if I made it into an anime it would probably make the 80 to 120 episode mark, but I can't yet because I wanna learn and master photoshop first!

    google 3d warehouse, when I'm submitting 3d models for cloud storage and comparing notes with other modellers in the community

    dramacrazy, from time to time

    animeseason, waiting for new episodes

    nwanime, waiting for new episodes

    animecrazy, waiting for new episodes

    crunchyroll, waiting for new episodes

    mangafox, when I can't wait for the episode or when I wanna read some romance vanilla

    onemanga, when I can't wait for the episode or when I wanna read some romance vanilla

    mangareader, when I can't wait for new episodes or when I wanna read some romance vanilla

    animehub, when I wanna hear some news about the anime and manga I'm following

    f****, when I feel hny, lol censored :P

    Facebook/twitter when I'm really bored, don't go here much anymore

    irl, when I'm working, resting, chilling, dating with and doing everything else, when I don't have work to do I just hang out in a coffeeshop with a warm coat, jacket or sweater and pants or a skirt, with my boyfriend, a laptop in one hand, a mocha frappuchino in the other hand and his arms on my waist as I sit next to him.. lol why is this in the list? xD

    hmm, that's about it I guess, fun while it lasted :)

    lol god knows why I said all that, bored maybe o.o (just my usual gibberish lol


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  • I would say but I really don't want this 'GAG' crowd going on any more of the websites that I enjoy.

  • Kongregte


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  • - "Youtube" (Listening to music, watching Anime, or Asian dramas and movies).

    - "Dramacrazy"

    - "Manga reader".

    - Sometimes "Twitter" & "Tumblr".

    - "Deviantart".

    Ahh.. recently I found myself using "Instagram app",

    even more than the last 4 websites.

    This app is amazing. It made me love taking pictures & photography. :D ^_^

  • www.theberry.com :)

  • YouTube

  • IMDb.com - I read the message boards and reviews

    Cracked.com - a lot of the articles are funny

    Poetry.com - reading poetry, obviously, haha

  • defiantly these two:




    I make money on these just by watching cool videos and and listening to music:D

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