What are some of the articles you've written, if any?

So far I've written three articles. I don't really write about, typical GaG stuff though. It's been about the economy so far. Sometimes when I've got a lot of info in my head on this stuff, I like to write it all down in an essay format which helps to synthesize my thoughts. I put them on here just because I think it could benefit others who are looking for answers on why things are getting so bad.

I just wrote this one today (its very long) which covers a bit of history on the gold standard and some of the consequences that came after leaving it


This is another one that specifically talks about the American debt crisis (which got a lot of good reviews when I posted in on Facebook)


and this next one focuses on Japan


This is just a little hobby of mine, which is why I look at it as deeply as I like to do. I've read a few other stories/articles on here by people, but I think a lot of them go unnoticed. If you do write articles, what are they about and why did you write them? Feel free to post links to them also


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  • I wrote an article about the non existent, 'hard to get' game: link

    I wrote one about my opinion on people who hold their past against someone new in their life: link

    This one is about my personal experiences with men (well not in detail) and it sends a deep message to men in general: link (Not set as a featured article)

    This is one shows what a healthy relationship should be like: link

    I wrote one about signs of controlling relationships from my own personal experiences but it got deleted for some reason. :S

    • I think it's important to share your knowledge on things though! :) The stories part is a great part of the site!

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  • I wrote one about self defense. I've taken several classes myself, and I just wanted to share my knowledge.


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  • I've written seven articles and will soon start on my eighth.

    In the order of publication, they are...

    Shyness and Confidence... link

    On Compatibility... link

    A non-religious defense of waiting until marriage for sex... link

    Recovering From A Bad Relationship... link

    Shyness and Confidence II... link

    A Beginner's Guide to Menswear... link

    And most recently, my problems with the conventional wisdom of "sexual compatibility" (again, non-religious objections)... link

    The next one will be about being a good customer in retail and food services.

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