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I am curious about these contest, how do you guys select the winners, I mean sometimes I read a some good answers, it must be difficult just choosing one. is one person responsible for choosing? and do you narrow it down to the best 3 and then choose?


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  • While picking up the winner for the last contest we had great brainstorming and fun. It is always very hard to pick a winner. There are always many more than one great entries for the contests.

    This is what we do: We have a team of administrators, editorial staff and moderators. After each contest each of our staff reviews the entries and votes for his/her 3 favorite contest entries. We combine the results and come up with a winner. If it's a close call we usually get into endless arguments and call each other names..:) Thanks for asking this timely question

    • lol ha ha sounds like you guys have fun with it. thanks for the response, don't have to wonder anymore :p

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