Gagers: How to write lyrics for a song?

finally I acquired the ability to express my emotions in tunes...the problem is, I don't know how to put such emotions in lyrics with the tunes...for example I made this tunes but couldn't find words to put it in :S


P.S am an amateur guitar player so excuse my (out of beat mistakes :-( )

Thank you all for your answers :-)


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  • All you have to do is speak from your heart. I imagine getting started is the hardest part.

    • it is seriously hard because as the saying goes "music is the best tools to express what a person feel, when words lose such ability" so here I the issue, with that song I was just showing how the loop of missing someone special so bad yet trying to fight such feeling because that person hurt me in the know? this was why I made the tunes goes deep first and the fluctuation to represent that inner discussion in my heart... :S

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  • lyrics are the easy part. =P

    • you wanna get me more depressed than I already am? :D :D

    • Sure why not,

      Cry until your nose flows with snot,

      burry yourself alive and let your bones begin to rot...

  • Just do bits at a time

  • You're a great guitarist.

    As for song writing there are a lot of tips in Google.