Where is Meebo chat on GAG?

I logged on today and there is no meebo I'm tab at all...anyone experiencing the same problem?


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  • After Google acquired our partner Meebo, they decided to end their project. So, Meebo chat is not available anymore.


    • Ohh mannn...that sucks!

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    • Just to correct one thing. I actually don't mind if its replaced, but if it is replaced, you should be able to set it so that it doesn't log you on automatically when you come on to GaG. If that can be done, I can ignore its existence fairly easily

    • I'm just saying the regular messaging way is slower, because when you have a message, you click on it, so it'll take you to the message area, then you read the message, type what you want, click send, then wait another 5 or so minutes until they get back, refreshing the page until it comes. The "wall" is the same way if you think about it. Instant chatting is way quicker to talk to people you like.

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  • Personally, I'm glad it's gone. No more perverted messages!

    • That's kinda egoistic of you. If you don't like pervs to chat with you and don't care for chatting on here at all, just don't accept any friend requests. But why does it have to be gone for everyone else?

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    • Lol! Your probably the hottest person they've ever talked to, and they got lost in their own words. :p

    • Haha, and I thought my list was long!

  • I must admit I'm slightly relieved its gone... Like other people I got a lot of pervy messages. I usually had to get on GAG, then log out of meebo straight away to appear offline, otherwise within about a minute I'd have people talking to me who often ended up asking me to Skype them, or asking me personal questions.

    I do miss it for chatting with my actual friends though- It was useful and I'm sure a lot of people found it one of them best ways to get advice or help and stuff :o

  • We are fcked. I asked the same thing earlier today. I mostly login to GAG just to chat with people this sucks bad :'(

  • mine isn't either D:

  • I'm actually glad it's gone. I am busy and can't be "on demand" when 5 other people are talking to me at once, and I'm browsing this site, and I have 26 messages in my inbox lol.

  • I chat with people through inbox messages more then I did with the Meebo chat...

    Just sayin...

    • To bad...you missed out on some of the things guys would never say to a girl in real life lol.

      In real life: "you have beautiful eyes."

      Meebo: "lets put those eyes to good use!"

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    • inbox messaging is too slow for me... lol

    • It's only as slow as the two of you make it

  • No I honestly didn't know it excisted,but from all of this I'm seeing thank goodness it gone! Shucks I don't wanna be molested "via Internet "

  • I was wondering the same thing. On MeetMe.com they use Meebo. Well, they did when they were MyYearbook.com but I don't know if they still do. I don't see how Google could stop it though.


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  • Google is shutting down the Meebo bar completely on June 6, but they've notified current partners of this and recommended that they remove the Meebo code from their websites. GAG has obviously done that already.

    For those of you who aren't aware, Google has been working on a new, UNIFIED messaging app, code-named Babel, to replace all of their other messaging apps (Google Talk, Google+ Messaging, Google+ Hangouts, Google Voice texting, Meebo, etc.). We have yet to see what the end result of that is going to be, but it's definitely coming, and it's possible that there will be some kind of Meebo replacement at some point after that rollout.

    • I can tell you what the end result will be. LESS CHOICES FOR THE USERS! :P

    • Actually, it's users who have been loudly pushing for this consolidation for several years already. It makes no sense to have half a dozen different apps, with some, but not all, features available across them. Having one integrated app that has all the features, and that everyone uses, is better for everyone.

  • im glad tbh. I had one person remove me recently because I wasn't able to respond to them on time on meebo. good riddance

    • Yeah I constantly had random girls messaging me with their ridiculous guy drama. Got real old.

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    • @Janson: I was in a hurry when I read it so I didn't have time to reply that moment and forgot to respond later. I had already removed you before I got the message. I apologize if anything I did was hurtful it wasn't intended to be personal or like I'm upset or ignoring you either. Like I said to the QA I just don't keep "friends" like some people do these days. For example having hundreds of Facebook friends when you talk to maybe a few or things like that.

    • alright, fair enough then. I'll take that as a lesson

  • Meebo was cancelled because it attracted perverts and dullards.

  • I truly feel that GirlAskGuys.com will have a chat function available on it again, powered by a non-Meebo source.

    Trust me, the administrators of this site know how important the chat is, in regards to the "staying power" of this site's members.


    For now, I suggest that people start private messaging each other to exchange either:

    1) their IM information for AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, or Skype

    2) their number for their texting app (such as TextFree) for their mobile phone

    3) their actual phone number (if they feel comfortable taking that "risk")

    4) ask for their username on social media sites and add them


    I have done, and do, all four of the above, and have had no "problems" whatsoever in terms of keeping contact with my favorite users. You know who you y'all are. 8-)


    Now the part that DOES suck, is for those current users who have recently signed up, and won't get the full experience of GirlsAskGuys.com that us more seasoned users had, which will be bad for:

    1) keeping those users' profiles active on the site (for statistical reasons for advertising and such)

    2) keeping these new users on the site WITH high levels of activity


  • Well that sucks... I got way better advice through chat than actually asking questions on here. Thanks perverts for ruining it for everyone.

  • i will miss that chat function -- really enjoyed talking to some people I had met on here.

    • I have a strong feelings the admins will replace the chat with a non-Meebo-powered one

  • meebo was bought out

  • Why all the anonymity bro?

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