Why do you think GAG traffic is decreasing so much?

Is the business model broken?

Is there another anonymous advice site similar to this one that's more popular?

Is chat really that big of a deal?

Is the advice that horrible?

Are the questions too lame?

Are the trolls too boring?

Are there too many sausages splatting grease on keyboards?

One has to wonder...


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  • I think it is mostly the trolls.

    I hate when people ask anonymous questions while refusing anonymous answers. They normally do that just to get people upset with one another, by asking controversial questions.

    Or how if you reply to an anonymous question, they can block you, then keep talking to you, like you are too afraid to reply back.

    I think the unfair I can be anonymous, but you can't feature can put people in a bad mood, and cause them not to enjoy the site as much. Also you should not be able to reply to people you have blocked, for at least a few days after you decide to unblock them.


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  • I think a lot of the main users got abuse and let because of it, I personally have a job which consumes almost all of my time and have massive gaps of away time.

  • how do you know its going down? If it is going down though, it mostly due to the community of users I think that make it less attractive to post around here. No need to mention any names, as people already have an idea of what I'm talking about. And moderation is largely ineffectual from what I've witnessed so..

    • I've seen the peaks and valleys over the years and this is by far the most dead it's been.

      This is based on observation and the numbers that constantly run through my brain.

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    • According to the stats it's been on decline since the start of 2013 and could definitely go lower if the Meebo thing really repelled all the cyber chatters. It's just traffic though, not actual user input.

    • i can't believe people value the chat that much lol. As if its impossible to talk with people on here without it..

  • I'm sure the lack of chat is a big deal recently. Some people would come here just to socialize with people of like minds. It can't be the questions or the answers because that hasn't changed since I've been around the last couple years. Admins really cut down on trolls that were here in the beginning which did take a lot of the humor away.

  • I've seen a decrease in traffic when the chat go down. Usually, the amount of daily questions can reach about 500 on average. Since the removal of the chat box, it decreased into 300 and it's just a miracle when it hit around 350-400.

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