Netflix redeeming on GaG? Hows it work?

I sent a message in the redeem section to GaG about netflix, and they are all it will take 24-48 hours for us to contact you, it's been 72 hours and I haven't heard anything from GaG about netflix.

Has anyone ever redeemed netflix on GaG how did it work and how long did it take?Thanks, I appreciate it.

  • It took HELLA LONG!
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  • It took around 2 - 4 days.
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  • Wtf is Netflix?
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  • Idk wtf is going on!
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Ok, so I got a message back from netflix finally, it took 4 or 5 days, and they said they are sending a netflix gift card to my house.
I just realized, there's no option on this site to give you're exact address wtf. Is this whole gift thing just a scam? it said they send the netflix gift card to the address listed on my profile except there isn't one, and NO option to give one.


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  • I noticed the website posted an answer here a few hours ago. Please keep us updated. I was wondering about it to, whether Netflix keeps billing you after the 2 mo if you don't manually cancel the service or if it just expires after 2 mo. The website here said I would need to contact Netflix customer service. So I posted a question about it & one man said they required a credit card & they DID keep charging unless he wanted to manually have them stop. Another girl said they just gave her a code & the service just expired after 2 months. Tried to find out if one of those was the old method, to see what they do now, but never heard.

    • They did say something about mailing me a card, tobad there's no option on this site about an address.

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    • Alright so, this is how it went for me. Step 1: I redeemed my point's for 2 mon Netflix by sending a message in the redeem section. And about a week later they sent me an email with a code for netflix.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to add, you mentioned how you didn't want them to bill you after the 2 month's ended, you have the option to log into an existing netflix account like the one you're using now or just one you're using, or you can create a new netflix account from scratch and No payment credit card option is required. It's a gift card all you do is enter a code and you have 2 months of netflix streaming, I think it's unlimited, but am not 100% sure I will check.

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  • Cool, I am going to do this

  • Not quite sure how it all works.I guess you will have to stay on them about it.Another user asked a similiar question,and she was told to call the netflix people I think.

    • Oh :( I wanna redeem these points so I can watch netflix on xbox with my friend

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    • 5 times a day haha

    • :D

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  • Hello Michaelmwm19...Netflix has been experiencing some technical problems with their gift cards for the last couple of weeks. They should be sending your gift card in 24 hours. Send us a message if you do not receive it in 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

    • Your Netflix gift card was sent Yesterday. Please check your email address associated with your account. Thanks.

  • Netflix is pissing me off they don't f***ing have South Park anymore f*** it

    • I KNOW! I have netflix but I wanna make my friend an account so he can watch it with me, netflix lost a lot of good titles because the contract agreement is up and they need to renew it.

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    • what is netflis by the way .

    • Netflix is a movie company with lots of movies TV shows and titles to choose from. You can also have DvD's that aren't in their streaming options delivered to you're house, but GaG doesn't do the DvD order, which I don't blame them because people would just keep them and GaG would be responsible for paying for it.

  • Just go to L_E_T_M _E_W_A_T_C_H_T_H_I_S_dotcom. Stream anything You want for free.

  • It took about 2-4 days.