Calling to any and all parents of gag!

Okay we'll I have an issue I need help with please and thank you :)

A: my twins are almost two and a half, their names are Greer and Anna. I'm a twin as well so I think that's why I'm having this issue. My son is really dependent on my daughter and need some idea to do with just me and him I have a park close to where she'll be attending dance, but any other idea for easy separation.


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  • They're only 2 1/2...why the rush to separate them? I think it's fine to take him to the park with you, he'll appreciate one-on-one time with you. What about finding him an activity he can do alone as well (like karate or soccer)

    • Because the longer I wait the harder it will been the both of us, and he's not independent enough to do an activity by himself

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    • I'm just trying to find ways to make it easier on both of us

    • Don't underestimate the ability of children to be resilient. Sounds like you might have the harder time with it.

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