WOMEN OF GAG-VILLE: How do you feel when a guy puts a note or whatever in you shirt/chest pocket?

So I'm watching an episode of The Office. Michael thinks this UPS delivery woman is actually a stripper-gram and he puts a dollar bill in her shirt pocket. This somehow dislodged a memory from my childhood. My best friend's dad had some kind of school bulletin that my mom needed so he folded it up and put in the chest pocket of my jacket. I remember being sort of uncomfortable because I was old enough to put it in my pocket myself. ANYWAYS, ladies, do you agree that this is just a weird move- AT ANY AGE?

**Note: This awkwardness does not apply to strippers.


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  • I'll sometimes wear a blouse like that without a bra, nobody's tried that yet, but it could be interesting, and fun.

  • It's a weird move unless you two are already intimate.

    I never wear shirts with pockets, so no one has ever done that to me before, haha!