A new version of GirlaskGuys.com is coming - What would you like to see in it?

So for those of you who may not know this, a new version of the site is coming some time in the future, and in it there will be some major updates.

(See the post by GirlsAskGuys in this question: link )

Among those updates, what would you like to see added? Make up a little wishlist and post it (with an explanation of why you want each thing if you feel so inclined).

If there are a lot of responses, I plan on pointing the site admin to this question so they can sort of see what people are most interested in. I have no idea how close they are to finishing the new version of the site (so it may already be too late for suggestions), but I figure it can't hurt. If anything, the admins may share a few of the new additions that they were planning on adding as a little teaser

In addition to posting your personal wishlists, I have also made a poll in which I would appreciate you guys choosing which of the proposed areas (I just made these up) are most important to you if you could only pick one to update
  • Adding a new chat system
    Vote A
  • Improved Reality Check section
    Vote B
  • Improved profile personalization, customization and layout (Some examples: A " virtual jukebox" that autoplays music you load on your profile, choice of background imaging/colors/banners, blog/tumblr inspired features, etc)
    Vote C
  • Anonymous posting limitations (Some examples: daily limits to how often one can post a question and answer anonymously, banning the use of the anonymous function under the "other" category only... in order to clamp down on trolling, etc)
    Vote D
  • Points system changes (Some examples: changes to how many points needed to feature questions, a points gifting system that allows you to donate points to friends without altering their level, expansive use for points overall, etc)
    Vote E
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Great work so far guys. I'm giving BA to the site admin so you can see what they have to say, but . they will be looking at suggestions here so be sure to keep posting, even though what you wanted was said multiple times already. From the results below there seems to be some popular ones. The top 3 suggestions seem to be:

Reciprocal blocking (ie. anon blocks you, system autoblocks them back)

Chat system

Greater user powers (ie. ability to edit posts/questions, modify profiles, etc)

Okay guys just a quick update. The site changes will be coming in the next couple months (so late October, early November) if there aren't any serious delays. Also, I encourage you to take a look at some of the other ideas posted and upvote the ones you like, so the admins know what's popular. ImSoSozzled gave a great idea about how best answers should be awarded. JustBanANNAz also had an idea about being able to quickly distinguish who is online from who isn't
Just an update on the release date for the site update. It has been pushed back a few months. The new target is to have it released around January 2014.

See the answer posted by GirlsaskGuys at this link

Stay tuned =)


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a very timely question, thanks Janson.

    Our team has already started working on the next generation GirlsAskGuys.com. The new version will be a totally new experience...

    Since we started GirlsAskGuys.com user experience has been the most important aspect of our work. According to your feedback we have come up with a new set of features and a new user interface. The new platform is open to new suggestions: Features you like to keep, new features you like to see, user interface improvements, design suggestions...You name it, we will consider it.

    We will be following this question closely.


    • You're welcome, and thanks a lot for stopping by. We all appreciate it. By the way, have you guys set any sort of time horizon for when you want to implement the new changes?

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    • pls create an android app thats what we need

    • Mybad, I think the correct term would be a personals section.

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What Girls Said 45

  • -An automated block system so that when someone (an anonymous user) blocks you then they are automatically blocked as well so they can't continue trolling/harassing you.

    -More profile customization options.

    -Being able to edit your own answer. Sometimes I make spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes that I don't notice until after I've already submitted the answer. So, it would be nice to be able to go back in and edit those answers or add/delete something within that answer. Being able to edit your own questions would be nice also.

    • I was actually going to add a "reciprocal blocking" option. The problem I saw though was that the anonymous user would appear in the persons block list, then that person would know who created the question, and that could lead to more issues. It works well if the question asker is a troll, but if the question asker is the one on the defensive, it would be hard on them. If they could find a way around this though, that would be great

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    • Yeah I hear ya. I was also thinking of the whole edit thing. My thought was that the admins would argue that they already give you a window of opportunity to look over answers and questions before you post them, but I still would like the option personally. Particularly for comments

    • Yeah, I get that. But I mean sometimes I really don't notice my mistakes until I go back to the question later and read my response again. So yeah, I would like that option. And you're right, it would be really good for comments as well.

  • - I really would love to see the ability to edit our posts. Even if it was timed, for example on The Sims Resource forum you have to wait so long until you can edit a post.

    Along with that I wish Super mods (or even mods too) had the ability to edit questions because often that would be easier to fix the one thing wrong than to remove a question that didn't necessarily need to be removed.

    - I would like a few other options in the drop down boxes when reporting someone's profile or when removing a question. Sometimes the reason doesn't really fit any of the options. But maybe this wouldn't be if we could edit posts. Or even a box to actually write out the reason along with the drop down box.

    - It would be nice to be able to embed pictures, gifs, and videos into questions or answers so people don't have to click on a link. Or at least make it so you use HTML link syntax so we know where the link is taking us.

    - I would also like be alerted when someone has replied to my comment on someone else's answer. Maybe a reply button to specific people so you get alerted, like on YouTube.

    - I would like these social network buttons on the left side of questions to be in a different place. LOL. Probably sounds trivial and maybe its just me but often my stupid cursor will just go over it and the stupid box pops up in my way and I have to stop what I'm doing to exit. It can be annoying.

    - I agree with others on automatic blocking. I think if you block someone it should go both ways and whether you're anonymous or not. This would cut back on trolling too because they would have to be outed being put on their victim's blocked list.

    - Maybe a way to limit accounts created per IP address. If someone wants a new account they need to delete/cancel their old account. I think there should be a way to be more watchful of people who create several accounts in a short period of time. I think I remember reading in the TOS you can't have multiple accounts anyway, so they should be more on top of it. This would cut back on trolling as well.

    - I would love a new reality check section because I feel that if it were new and updated people would use it and there are A LOT of people who post questions asking for opinions about themselves. So I think if more people were on it and they got that going it would cut down on those nonsense questions.

    I don't go anonymous often but I still would not like to see a limitation on answering or asking questions anonymously because I personally don't feel the trolls shouldn't have such an affect on people who are genuine and use it for legit reasons.

    I feel that would cut buck the amount of people and/or activity on this site.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Thank you, Janson for asking this and I really do hope that our feedback is taken into consideration.

    • Whoa, you wrote the gospel of Mark here haha. I like a lot of those suggestions though. In terms of the IP thing, I do like that idea a lot, although there's a very easy way for people to circumvent that. In terms of the anonymous system, I think the most important thing is probably hindering their blocking abilities. Oh and I proposed having the anon system blocked entirely in the other section only, mainly because its not usually the place where personal questions are asked..but yeah I hear ya

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    • True, that would be nice. You should tell sparrow so she can sent your suggestion directly to them

    • Good idea(:

  • OH! can I mention something I would find AWESOME?

    ok OK so you know how id like chat, right? how about if we also have like, you know on MSN how it would have a color around person's pic?

    [green- available, orange- away, red- busy, nothing - offline]

    that would be kool if we could see that when looking for questions to answer or just trying to see if our friends are online or not as well:) just a thought so yeh=]

  • i actually joined the site after IM stopped so that would b pretty interesting to have=]

    all the rest seem pretty cool too but since I talk to quite a few friends on here it'd b a lot more convenient=]

    other than that I guess everyone has totally jumped at this question haha. looking forward to the new version! just wondering, do you know when this will b taking place?

    • im looiking forward to it also =) I don't know when the changes are coming (they haven't gotten back to me yet) but if they do ill let you know

  • Tie, imo between C and D type changes.

    I think the personality types are kinda stupid...and agree that there should be limits on the amount of anon questions, answers...

    A revamp of the way you are presented would be great but limitations on anonymous postings is vital to the site staying a positive and working place.

  • The IM chat never works for me, regardless of what computer I try and use. Also, I do not like loosing 3 points each day I do not come on girlsask guys. I have been a loyal member for over 5 years and all the time I take in answering questions etc just goes down the garbage making it impossible for me to stay at a higher level. Maybe if we lost 5 points every WEEK we do not come on instead, that would be much more reasonable.

    • You don't loose points each day you don't log in. According to the xper points page, you loose 5 points for not logging in a whole week, then you loose 10 points for not logging in a whole month, and finally you loose 50 points for not logging in for 3 months


    • Hmmm okay thank you that's good to know. Makes sense how I wet down an expert level so many times, since Iwill go long periods of time off this site on and off

  • Change the amazon gift card to $50 and make it 3000 points

  • The limit in anonymous postings a day can deter people from saying crap .

    Chat would be good.

    Users with too much downvotes or 2 star or lower rated questions would be banned. Their posts may not be against the reported, but the numerous downvotes would indicate that a lot of us find him annoying and GAG would be better without users like them.

    • It's too easy to get downvoted by people who don't like you (people who have multiple accounts mind you) for that to really work

  • It would be awesome if we got the option to have this awesome website as an app. Oh and chat again xD

    • I'm surprised by how many girls want the chat back. Most of the complaints about being creeped by people on chat came from women. haha

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    • yes. You are my present waiting to be unwrapped :P

    • Hahaha wow

  • -xHoneyxBeex mentioned it, but a blocking system that is automatic. When an Anon user blocks you, they're automatically on your block list as well

    ^This is probably the biggest one

    -Remove the ability to comment on a blocked users answers

    -Remove the ability for blocked users to answer your question(s) when anonymous

    -MAYBE allowing QA's to only allow one gender to respond, though I see how it can go wrong in so many ways. For example, when a girl asks "Guys, do you like XYZ" then that QA would be allowed to block responses from girls

    -Maybe change the question limitations back to what it used to be. I think that's why the site is so much slower...people can only ask the 2/3 questions a day

    • The thing that is at the top of my list honestly is clamping down on the Anonymous posting function. Way too many trolls abuse its intended purpose.

  • Best answer should be awarded by other users. You should have to upvote at least one other answer to the question and those with most number of upvotes is awarded best answer. As more often than not best answer is awarded to the person who agrees most with the qa.

  • I agree with C. The points for amazon gift card should go down. A new chat system. Points for up votes and the number of people answering your questions

  • I'm really missing the chat, so ya I'd love that back.

    I hate the system that puts question in a different category, based on a keyword only . I'd sy either get rid of it, or improve it, but a lot of questions in the sexuality category don't fit there and were obviously put there because some word used.

    For search results, I'd say add more filters and you should be able to sort them by date, number of answers and gender of QA

    Sometimes it'd also be nice to edit questions you asked, like when you notice you made a typo in the title

    I'd also like more poll options

    And I think for charity donations, there should be more options. Like I'd love to donate to wwf or unicef.

    I'm not at all bothered by anonymous questions and answers, I actually like them

  • New chat system so that we don't have to keep sending the messages like email. Chay is instant and faster

  • *mobile app

    *lower points for rewards and offer more rewards

    *Improved search function. It would be nice if the search function had to option for us to sort by date, time frame (e.g. within the last 6 hours), and relevancy in addition to gender, age, unanswered, etc. Age ranges in the search function should also be narrower. Rather than just over 18, it would be nice if the ages were narrowed to 18-21, 22-24, 25-29, 30+

    *Up/down votes should go towards xper

    *If there was any way to get rid of the pop-up video adverts, that would be nice too

    • You can block the pop-up ads by installing Ad Block Plus onto your browser. (Extentions on Chrome, Add-Ons in Firefox).

    • Yes yes yes to more advanced search options!

  • Chat bar and changes in the point system would be the things I'm most hoping for, but mostly chat. I have several friends on here who I miss dearly and being able to chat was so much more convenient!

  • The poll results are very interesting it says 50% of people want a new chat option. A few months back there was a question about chat most didn't seem to care about it.

  • Ask more questions

    Get more points per question

    Automatically blocks anons who block you first


    An app for tablet,ipad,phones,etc

  • I would just like to know when someone makes a comment on any comment I've made, not just my own.

  • All sounds good, but I don't use the chat and would prefer having a private account.

    • Perhaps being able to save questions to ask later on after questions quota has been filled for the day

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What Guys Said 61

  • The changes I'd like to see are...

    ...editing/removing our own posts.

    ...being able to embolden and italicize on our own (especially in articles).


    ...block all questions from guys whining about their penis sizes, being virgins, etc.

    ...block all questions riddled with bitterness, whether from guys or girls.

    ...no political questions.

    ...allow larger pixel sizes for photos in profiles.

    • haha, oh man would I love it if we could block the whining stuff. I do like political questions though, but they should have some substance to them, and not just a "lets bash x" frenzy

  • I hope they implement a voting system for Best Answer, so if the question asker doesn't select a BA within a certain amount of time, users will be able to vote for the best one...or maybe automatically give it to the person with the most upvotes...or give the question asker reminders to pick one. Something like that because it seems like a BA is rarely chosen. On the first page of my recent answers, only 2 questions had BAs selected...out of 20. That's just a waste of Xper :)

    • That's a very good idea

    • Good idea..if the questioneer does't select one with a week, say, it would be posted for a vote by any responder. I wouldn't give BA for upvotes because a clique of four or five friends could decide almost every Best Answer...

    • We're on the same page

  • The one large issue I have is not being able to repost a question if you receive no answers. Sometimes a question just doesn't get the response you were hoping for. This can be due to things like the time it was posted, the number of users who saw it, perhaps it got pushed to the second page quickly. So if this happens I basically get screwed with no answers to my question. I cannot repost it to try and get more answers because then it is violating the double posting policy and is quickly removed. An easy fix for this is to allow questions that receive below a minimum number of answers (say 3 for example) to be reposted 24 hours after their initial post. This way people have another chance to get their question answered, there is a gap between the initial and repost so people don't feel like they just saw the same question twice, and you get happier users who actually get answers.

    Just curios, do you work for the site? Are any of these changes actually going to be considered? I have been using this site for several years now and I have a not so kind view of the people who run this site and their lack of listening to their users to help improve the site.

    • I work for the site as a moderator, but nothing beyond that. I made this question after I noticed that one of the admins had made a post about a new big update, so I just decided to make a question about it to see what kind of things people would want. The site admins may browse through and take a look at a few of the suggestions. I already made them aware of this thread so they might pass by for a look. But there is no promise that they will actually listen to the suggestions

    • If you mention in the question that you're only re-posting it because you didn't receive any answers before, most Supermods (including me) will leave it up.

      Maybe try that in the future and see if that helps.

      Best to you :-)

    • Thanks Sparrow, good to know some of the mods are here for the good of the people. I saw someone else mentioned and I had forgotten. THE SEARCH FUNCTION is awful! Please update it to allow us to search a specific category, or more accurate results. I get results all over the place because it just looks for one key word that may be in a post that is totally unrelated to what I was searching for. I think that is a reason why there are so many repeat questions, people can't find old answers

  • i'd like it if they would set it up to where when you comment on someone else's answer and they comment back that you could be alerted somehow.

  • I would like everything in your poll except for anoymous posting limits, I almost always post anonymously for various reasons. Such a limit would greatly reduce my ability to earn Xper as well as my ability to provide advice.

    • I would also like the ability to change your username, there is currently no way to do that without creating a new account.

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    • Definitely. I'd probably rank TNG as the 4th best series, behind Voyager, TOS, and DS9. I did enjoy the TNG movies though, First Contact is my 3rd favorite Star Trek movie behind The Voyage Home and The Wrath of Khan.

    • I need to watch those over actually. Its been too long. Can hardly remember them anymore

  • "Go to this poll" options when you see the poll on the side

    Ability to block people who go anon

    Auto block those who block you

    Anon costing points

    • anon costing points is a good one

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    • Since you featured this and it popped up again I got a few more things to add

      a null vote poll option (one that nulls your vote, lets you see results, and DOESN'T allow you to vote, so the results don't sway you)

      deactivating notification from certain questions if they're old/you don't care anymore

      Fixing the new question/answer thing. You gotta refresh it like 3 times before it goes away

    • Just a heads up regarding the polls on the side -

      If you hit "Cast Your Vote!" without actually selecting one of the poll options, it takes you to the poll where you can read the entire question and THEN answer it :-)

  • Well someone mentioned in the Q they asked, hide other answers until the person has submitted their answer.


    • Interesting. What I would say to her though is that the anonymous function allows people to pretty much say what they want in contrast to other answers

  • Being able to edit my own questions and answers. As well as a feature that lets me know when someone replies to a comment I made on another persons answer. Something small but would be nice to see is a sum of all of my thumbs ups and downs that I have accumulated over the years.

  • I know this may seem minor but how about just a little symbol that alerts you when someone is blocked or blocking you? Rather than changes to the block system on the whole I'd prefer to know before I bothered to even give it a second thought if I can even post somewhere first.

    Website chat would be nice, I guess. Back to the hell that was, but it was convenient too.

    I want to ask X/2 questions a day where X is your XPer lvl.

    I wish there was an upvote and downvote regulation system where you can hide posts beneath a certain rating via your own profile.

    I wish questions could be upvoted and downvoted for the above system and be hidden after a certain rating which would in turn lower trolling activity since the first 10 or so people generally decide in most cases the outcome of a thread anyway.

    I wish the block system was progressive. Rather than upholding a permanent block it would start out at a day or week and work up to permanent in X number of infractions. The reason being a lot of people block people that they don't agree with in the heat of the moment and then time passes and those same people don't seem to mind the existence of the other person anymore. People do mix poorly sometimes in threads but if a person really wants you gone after a number of infractions it's pretty clear you two won't get along. In many cases after a week or month they don't remember what they were mad about or the username.

    I wish XPer was given for commenting even at a lower rate since there is no reward at all for holding longer conversations meaning there's no incentive for genuinely helping people which effects the quality of conversation. Not good.

    • I would also like a separate tier system based on your actual Best Answer number. As it stands you can be a "guru" whatever that means with 0 best answers to your name and by posting "Yes" a few hundred times.

  • Change the anonymous pictures to like a male and female symbol. I find the current pictures annoying as the outlines appeal to a certain profile of the ideal male and female.

    You can see that the woman is skinny and the man is quite muscular. These ideas conveyed are as annoying as the next beauty advert.

  • 1. There's no objective need to ANSWER most questions anonymously, and most of us use avatars and usernames anyway. So anonymous answers should be strictly limited. I'd say

    no more than five a day.

    We have an anomalous situation now where many of the listed top poster NEVER give any real advice, they only grab points with meaningless three word anonymous answers, HUNDREDS, literally, every day!

    2. We should have an age split, with an under 21 section and a 21+ section. Now the site is too dominated by the teens and subteens here illegally, with their media driven symdromes and

    'does he like me' and 'is my d*** big' questions. While everyone should be free to post to either half ot the site, the youngsters would mostly stick to 'their' side and wouldn't clog up 'our' side so much.

    The teens dominate because they have time on their hands, not because they have that much to say, after all!

    • Also, it should be possible to list your ethnicity and cultural background on the profile..this would be optional, of course people shouldn't be forced to reveal this.

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    • yeah its best not to mention peoples names in a negative context.

    • That's just censorship. I mean, I didn't accuse them of crimes, just said they answer dozens of questions every day with four word anonymous answers to cadge the points. We all know these people do that, if you're on here a lot. Why else do they have so many points when you rarely see their usernames? Why can't you name the names of people who do that?

      But I know that's the way the moderators are..I wasn't surprised they removed the post. sigh.

  • Being able to edit your questions sounds good, but it can be abused.

    Lets say a very unpopular topic which involves racism is asked and gets a lot of hate, the QA can go back change it up and make it seem that it wasn't what he was asking for in the first place, making some justifiable answers sound totally incompetent.

    Thats why they have a preview question before it gets posts, so you can recheck if it's written the way you like it.

    The automatic back blocking of anon users sounds like an awesome idea though.

    I know I didn't use it often, but it would be awesome to have some sort of chat function back.

    Being able to give a second BA also seems like a good option if you can't decide on who gets BA, but maybe only reward like 5 points.

    • What I was thinking is that there could be a timed deadline for editing (maybe 10 - 15 minutes) for you to edit anything

    • that could work, but most people see that they wrote something wrong like way later then 15 mins. What they could make editable is maybe the title of your question.

    • +100 on everything except chat :-)

  • Bring chat back definitely. I liked that. While people are working around it right now I liked it on the site.

    Fix the updates to answers being commented and such. Whenever I comment on an answer, when someone comments or answers back into the question and such it includes my comment as a new comment as well as theirs and highlights it which misleads me a little bit. So while only one new comment was added in, if I commented since the update it will tell me that it has 2 new comments and includes mine as a new one.

  • Have a Female Only section that will limit the asking and answering of certain questions to females only and having a section men can't even see..also better blocking and if you block someone you can't answer questions of people you block!

  • I want to see anonymous posting changed somewhat mroe. I like that if you block someone and go anon they can still respond. That's fair. But I want changes to the block system. Change it so as soon as you add someone to your block list, you are added to theirs. This way you can't hide behind anonymous and block the other and then keep talking to them and bothering them without them able to respond back.

    I don't like the only 3 updates a week for questions, that's too limiting at stupid.

    A new chat system would be nice.

    No more sh*tty character limit (or at least a much higher one) for responses/comments.

    So many ideas I have hmm.

    • haha, well keep em coming. My personal wishlist has changes to the anonymous system right at the top

  • idea 1: while looking through my questions and answers in my profile I would like to be able to select which toppic I'm looking through.

    idea 2: to post anon questions should cost 3 xper and to answer a question anon should cost 1xper or what ever would be reasonable.

  • Allow us to change our usernames at least once or twice a year. Sometimes we outgrow our user name and having to deactivate to do that is unfair :(. The two names can even be linked if people want to look at past questions or answers. There can even be an announcment like thing to prevent trollers

    Also I would love it if the search function was better. Sorting of searches by date would be great so if a question was asked recently I would avoid asking it again. If the most recent question was a few months old then I'd ask it to get current trendss.

  • - Bring the chat back.

    - lower points for gifts.

    - allowing blocking of anonymous people.

    - Make an app for that.

    - I voted C.

    - kill the king.

  • New categories: technology, money, sports, and entertainment.

  • no intermediate pages when answering a question or posting a response. Sometimes I can spend quite some time wording something exactly how l want it then go to post it and have one of the next 2 pages not load so l lose my entire response. That's always really frustrating.

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