Is the majority GaG completely shallow and/or judgemental?

I feel as though we ask a lot of questions because we're looking for specific answers and we don't appreciate anything that deviates. Also, there's a lot about what girls and guys should and should not do/wear..

There's no individuality or variety and that's kind of sad. When there is, it's shot down.

Maybe this is all we know..

Then again, maybe I'm the only one here who feels this way.

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  • Well I see it differently.

    Communication and the use of vocabulary has changed. The use of comparison has heightened deeply.

    All you gotta do is read what the person is not saying.

    Like I said, things have changed. Back in the ancient days of sword and horses, people spoke in rhymes.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Being here for 5+ years, let me say this: there are a sizable amount of people here, that are just pessimistic by nature.

    Those people are a "loud minority", and that is where the judgmental stuff comes from.

    The "shallow" comes from this same "loud minority" living in dreamland about what they want in a partner! :-P

  • It's the Internet which has complete anonymity so everyone is judgmental lol

  • lol I'd say most people are shallow and judgmental in our society as a whole. It's a problem and more evidence our species needs to grow the f*** up.

  • Everyone feels as you do. AND everyone continues the cycle. It's part of the game. Learn the rules.

    • That's just it. If those are the rules I'm benching myself.

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    • I disagree. you can respond in w/e way you want and even if most people want to play stepford wives, there will one or two who can think for themselves and will appreciated your view.

      just because most people won't listen doesn't mean what you have to say is useless. plus confronting differences reminds you who YOU are. whether other people get it or not. its worth something in life.. if not on gag.

      friend me before you leave ;-)

    • Disagree all you want. Won't change anything.

  • the majority of Gag is only a handful of losers with multiple accounts and most of those are accounts by someone that hates herself and by someone that hates white people but wants to be friends and or date them :P


What Girls Said 4

  • Yes.I find that almost 80% of the population here are inexperienced in life.Its funny how you can't even discuss about your sexual life because you will get down voted as the guys here worship virgin girls.I have noticed few trends here.Girls here aren't allowed to like guys with cars.You are automatically a gold digger.Then you as a girl must do the approaching and pay for a date.This is 2013!

    You can't sleep with more than 3 guys,otherwise you are a slut.Third.You can't have anal sex.Its disgusting.You can't have friends with benefits or plan to have one.You don't have moral.

    I find it funny how some people think that they have the right to control others' life.

    About the girls.I have noticed this.Guys aren't allowed to like girls who are skinny,big boobs,shaved,blonde etc...

    • Your answer here is spot on for the most part... any guy that wants a virgin girl is dreaming though :P

      Some people like anal, some don't.

      Yeah, it's annoying to see people trying to control others too...

  • There are some people like that on here but if you're on long enough you figure out who those people are and ignore them.

  • Yes. Girls are labeled sluts by the dudes all the time on here because she wants to try something new. A lot of the girls seem judgmental as well but usually towards other girls but sometimes they hate those "perfect woman" questions. Lol. The guys think not dating a guy with no job or car is shallow because they WOULD date a girl with no job or car. So what? And a lot of guys complain A LOT about how women sleep with the hottest top 10% guys. So what? Who said women must have sex with YOU?

  • I think there are *some* very shallow and extremely judgmental people here on GAG, just as there is everywhere. But I don't think it's the majority of the GAG users. I think the majority is comprised of normal people coming here for entertainment and to ask/answer questions, and talk to like-minded people. The actual number of super shallow or judgmental people is probably a lot smaller than we realize. There's no telling how many accounts the same hateful people have. And how many anonymous answers come from the same user(s).

    • Well put

    • Thank you.

      Don't let the jerks make you leave GAG. There are plenty of good people here.

    • Yeah, as in life - most people are okay... but the bad ones always receive all of the attention...