Reporting duplicate (sometimes multi-duplicate) posts; does it have anything to say?

Time and again have I seen questions being posted here that have been posted before by the same users.

I've reported it; then a few days later a question is posted that is almost totally alike (more often than not from the same user) and I google because I was sure that I read the same question a few days earlier ...and lo and behold, that question has been asked, and been reported by me, but hasn't been removed.

Have you guys also reported duplicate questions (often multi-duplicate questions) ...and has every anything been done about it?


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  • I actually don't know where the reports go... I assume the admins. But anyway if a super moderator see's a duplicate they can remove it for that reason. But whenever we remove questions, admins have the final say anyway in whether its put back up or removed.

    I imagine like anything that receives reports or complaints, its jammed up and probably has one too many unnecessary reports helping this jam. So depending on where these reports are going and how many individuals are handling them all it might take awhile for your report to be seen and then looked into.

    The next time you see this happening you could try to send a message with a link to the question to a super mod (or admin but like the reports I am assuming they have a lot of messages and cannot say for sure how often those are gone through). If its honestly duplicating or some other break in the TOS it can be removed.

    • I agree - you can always send a message with links to a Supermod for removal.

      Anyone can message me, you don't have to add me as a friend :-)

    • Same here, anyone can send me a message without having to add me as a friend.

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  • I accidentally posted a few questions twice and yes they got deleted. I don't think it really had a purpose unless they are asking the same question as a follow up or something, relating to the same topic, other than that I have no idea why people post their question more than once


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  • Perhaps they are not duplicates. For example: yesterday I asked: Can you write a dirty (sexually explicit) Haiku? A day before I had asked: Can you write a Haiku?

    Of course the questions were differerent and answers were profoundly different! It's like asking someone to paint a landscape or a sex scene! But one person took it upon himself to complain and carry on about how they were the exact same question! Can you believe that?

    I think this person may have been jealous or have anger or depression issues. Everyone else was enjoying the hell out of the question and all he could do was complain and be negative.

    SO I'd say, consider carefully what you think are the same questions, and then if nothing is done you can email the staff about your concerns. Chances are they have already decided the questions are not similar, and are able to discriminate more accurately than you- It's what they get paid for!

    I sort of wonder what your motivation is for policing the site in such a way? Why not just report it and forget about it? You've done your part to keep the site succinct. Perhaps try to enjoy the site for what it is. Sometimes folks say the wrong word in their question and it ends up being categorized unfairly so they ask again with better wording. Poor form, but whaddayagonnado.

    If you are on the site so much that you notice the same questions and recall them, and make it your business to try to enforce site guidelines, and are googling and all that, maybe it's time to turn off the computer and get some exercise or pick up a new hobby. I hear neighborhood watches are pretty intense these days. Go around and remind folks not to litter, jaywalk, or spit on the ground. You'll be helping the world immeassurably. And thank you in advance. The world needs more rent-a-cops willing to work for free.

  • All the user reports are reviewed and duplicate content is removed. However, from time to time admins can miss some duplicate content. It may be the case with your report, please message us the link to the duplicate content. Thanks.

    • All I remember is it was from a user called Splash21; and can't be bothered about more. Sorry.

    • The newest is from that user ...I've reported other duplicate posts (from other users) and can't say that I've seen anything done by that.

      So oh well reign for me to post then ;)

    • Duplicate post you mentioned has been removed. Thanks for the info.

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