Is anyone else getting this weird series of numbers at the end of every GirlsAskGuys URL?

For example, after every single url, the browser seems to be inserting "/#axzz2d24faPGK" or something similar right after. Am I the only one? Figured I'd ask you guys, before I bring it up to the admins.

If you have any idea what's up with that, feel free to share. First person to correctly answer the question gets Best Answer.

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Hmm. Perhaps I should alert the admins.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This problem should be fixed now. Thanks Toban

    • The problem is NOT fixed, now.

    • OK, now it's fixed.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. I've noticed it.

    The entire layout went funky on me yesterday for a short time.

    I just assume it has to do with their updates and getting everything set for the new version to roll out in a few months.


What Guys Said 3

  • You're not the only one.

    I've been seeing things like #axzz2d3hPzuma at the end of the pages.

    I presume it's part of the new system - they are parsing parameters to the HTML for some reason.

    I just hope it's not hackable - like, #axzz2d appears on both of ours.

    imagine that was now the flag to indicate if an account was a supermod or not. Anyone could modify the new URL to give them access to restricted functionality, and so forth.

  • I think it's printing out HTML code along with the url.

  • yeah it happened to me yesterday. Not sure why

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