Have you ever been shocked by how some GAGers interpret your questions?

I don't know whether this is due to my lousy English or I'm from a different culture or of a different race.There have been a few times when GAGers shocked me by how they interpreted my questions.

And there are some people who said one thing when I was of another entirely different username and said a totally different thing with my current username.Why all these discrepancies?

And of course there are those GAGers who are so darn consistent regardless of what usernames I use.Haha :)

@the anonymous user downstairs:

True,many users don't listen to the questions attentively.But there are many users who overanalyse my questions too.Haha.


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  • What I've noticed is...

    Some people have one question in the title, and then in the long long body of text, they actually ask a completely different question.

    Also, I've noticed that some people (especially girls) ask a question, for which they get an answer that is based on the information they gave. Then they say that answer is wrong, and introduce some completely new information which should have been included as relevant details from the start.

    As far as I see it, you can't expect good answers if you don't ask good questions and include all of the relevant information in the question.


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  • People here in most part are so disconnected from reality and lack any or all interpersonal skills, that they've become detached from how to communicate effectively. Everything is down-voted, everything is reported, everyone is always offended about something. So many people here have made this website their sole social interaction tool and that is a failing idea. Just try not to be offended and remember this is the internet or "e-life" and not reality or real-life.

    • :) This is just one of my observations on here and I'm not offended since they won't appear in my real life.Haha.

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  • Oh yeah!

    One time I posted a question saying "How's junior high different from high school in North America" (I didn't go to junior high there) and people answered my question telling me that "It's going to be okay" and "You will make friends, don't worry" and my personal favorite "Are you a 14 year old boy?" WTF?

  • it think it's better if people answer the questions they have experience with or connect to.

  • Not really. A lot of people on this site don't read the questions.

  • People have misinterpreted my questions before, of course. It happens to us all sometimes, haha! It usually isn't too big of a deal, but once in a while, one will REALLY hit people the wrong way, because they didn't quite understand what my question was really about. There are all kinds of people here, so I'm honestly surprised there isn't MORE misunderstanding, haha!

    As for people saying one thing and then another... perhaps they changed their mind. Or maybe you were able to word it better and they understood the question better, or interpreted it differently than they had before.

    • Haha:) I think they don't speak the same consistent English language as me! :)

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