Is there somethihg wrong with my inbox?

since my birthday and Gag Added 100 points to my account as a birthday gift , after that there two things going wrong

1-I don't get 2 points for visiting the website everyday

2-when I send someone a message , I can't see it in my outbox.

I tried to contact gag on their account but there was no answer which me suspect that my message are not send.

what to do ?


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  • maybe they will read this question and help you out


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  • Wildstar, we have not received a message from you, however our support team checked your account and did not find any problem. Signing in points have been added to your account regularly and the messaging seems to be fine. There may have been a problem sending a message. Try cleaning cache on your browser and send us another message. Let us know how it works. Thanks.

    • thanks , everything now is working just fine , and thanks for your support with 100 points on my birthday.