How does GaG acually go about choosing there admins and moderators?

I know I've seen a few people who just got promoted to certain positions for this site, and was curious as to how GaG goes about choosing them? Do you have to be on here for a certain amount of time, is there a certain process you have to go through? I'm not interested, I was just curious. It's probably confidential, but I thought I'd still ask...


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  • We extend the invitation to become a moderator to our top users on the site.

    You can become a top user by logging in regularly, asking interesting, informational, and useful questions, as well as offering answers to other users. By doing so, you will accumulate Xper

    points (the number in parentheses next to your user name). After you have shown a pattern of asking/answering questions (showing your ability to communicate clearly, give sound advice, and offer valuable information) and have made yourself a regular user on the site, we will consider you as a moderator.

    Hint: The success rate of a user's reports on question/answers is an important criteria to be selected as a moderator. You can report unsuitable content by clicking on the Report link. All the reports are being evaluated by the admins and the success rate on reports by every user is calculated by the system automatically. A user with a high percentage of success rate on reports is more likely to get a moderator invite.



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  • Here:


    I was a Moderator for 2.5 years on a gaming forum and the criteria was just be active, helpful, and mature and they'd contact you when they needed someone.

    Keep in mind, being a Moderator isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Constantly having to deal with trolls especially those that constantly question your decisions can be pretty frustrating. You would need some pretty thick skin to be one.

  • I have no idea, honestly I think there were a few who abused it a while ago... and they seem to have disappeared. Now I think the people left are the logical ones who know where the line is, even if people do still complain. Because lets face it, there's always someone who will be unhappy.

    • I have no idea why I was picked. They never told me. I wasn't even on her for very long. Only a couple months, but they just randomly threw me the position, and I was like "Wait, really? Uh... OK" and I tried to be somewhat fair since. Later after they gradually cut down things for the moderators to do, they created the SuperMod position, and really I know I got the part because I specifically asked for it. Still, as for what makes them choose a moderator and promote them from there, beats me.

    • You've been a moderator since I can remember... In fact I think you were the first moderator I'd ever seen post an article or question. Which is why I remember that you've been one for a while.

  • anyone can ask to be a mod, but there are some criteria. You have to be of well spoken behavior and be neutral in your decisions and stuff. They on their part report all the stuff to the admins and they decide if a question or answer should be taken off for being to abusive and stuff or just don't contribute to the site.

    Well, that pretty much leaves me out, for I am a total troll hahahaha. I have the removed answers to prove it. I will add that I have given some great and honest answers that have contributed to the site I hope. So, I guess I has to stand for something positive.

    • Anyone who has strong opinions isn't going to be selected or to last long if selected.

    • Yeah, I don't think it's that much of a problem marty as long as they can control it that it doesn't sound too offensive. hehehe as I said before that leaves me out completely, lol. I'm a total hothead and potty mouth, lol. I guess my emotions sometimes do get the better of me, beh.

  • If you log in on a daily basis, answer/ask questions, give solid advice, clearly communicate with other users, and report questions/answers that violate the terms of use seems to peek their interest. If you do all of these things, they'll consider it.


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