Why do you think GAG doesn't allow to display pictures in one's questions/ answers?

Why do you think GAG doesn't allow to display pictures in one's questions/ answers?

I know it's possible since I saw GAG themseleves is doing it when they asked what logo we would like best. But how come the normal user isn't allowed to do so. What are the reasons? Do you think it's a good idea the way it is right now?



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  • I am not sure but maybe it has something to do with controlling the content in the picture, copyright or maybe just because user uploading can sometimes be a pain in the butt, having to set an upload option in every box and then trying to get people to upload proper sized pictures to fit the space.


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  • I think it's fine the way it is. Allowing users to post pictures could end up with a ton of clutter and abuse. I just don't see much benefit other than it being a new play toy for users.

    If it's done I think it should be done like on a lot of other sites, and be limited to higher level users. Also it should be a privilege than can be revoked if it becomes too spammy.

    With text only the focus will be more where it belongs, which is questions and answers.

  • With the new version users will be able to ... Well, I don't want to be a spoiler :)

  • Copyright issues, content issues (some people put p0rnographic AVATARS up, GaG doesn't want to be flagged in adult content web searches because that would ruin the integrity of the site), aesthetic issues (using links is a lot cleaner looking design-wise than adding pictures).

    • After reading Mr. Admin's answer here, I have proven wrong! :-P

  • Your question about "how come the normal user isn't allowed to do so." referring to 'normal user' not being allowed to post photo's & do I "think it's a good idea the way it is right now?" is a two part question.

    So part one, "how come the normal user isn't allowed to do so."... My guess is that there may not be enough moderators to check every profile to be sure that nothing objectionable or insulting is posted. It is much easier to fix an issue before it's broke than to scramble & try to catch everything when it's out of control. Just one of my thoughts about that subject.

    Part two: Yes & No. Yes I support it for now, however, I hope soon things will balance out & people won't have to be 'cleaned' up after!

  • eh I'm not sure but the site will be getting an update soon so they may add that as a new feature

  • yes, because far too often inappropriate photo's get uploaded to sites like this without permission from the photo owner or from someone or those in the photo. So I'd keep it as it is, unless photo's would be viewed and approved by the site owners to be sure they are legit, then they could possibly be added in that respect.