Why are so many questions reclassified?

It's a fine line sometimes whether a question is 'flirting' or 'behavior' or 'sexuality', and it doesn't bother me that a lot of mine get reclassified.

I just wonder why anyone bothers to do this?


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  • I noticed this too.

    Sometimes I mess up and post a question in the wrong category by accident. And it gets moved to the correct one, sometimes.

    I find it very annoying when I post a question in the topic I intended to, such as Health or Behavior, and it winds up in the Other category. I don't know why the mods do that. But I noticed you get significantly different types answers depending on where you post your question. Plus you'll get fewer answers if your Behavior or Health question winds up in the Other category too.

    • Yes I suppose question in the other category don't get so many answers in general. Mostly I see questions being moved from there to other categories.

      It does bug me when a relationship or flirting question gets moved to sexuality, which is full of subteens and nasty anonymous types.

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    • Yes. Try it yourself. Post a question using one of those words and it will automatically move it to the sexuality topic

    • Ihad no idea they were using NSA tactics like that!

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  • Because we have users under 18, it's important to keep adult topics in a separate category, and we don't want the entire site flooded with explicit or overly sexual content.

    We also work to keep the categories as clean as possible, making sure everything is in the right category so our members have an easier time answering topics they're more comfortable with.

    • I see the point. I think it would be better to split the site and have a separate section for the under 18's. Sure people would lie about their ages, but no more than they do now!

  • I think they are trying to change their image I haven't had it for most things but when I do its always me posting a sexual thing in the other section

    • Our sexuality is very important to promoting a healthy understanding and communication between men and women and therefore key to this site's effective purpose.