Is GAG the proof you deal far better with others' problems than with your own?

I am here on GAG these days, after a few months' absence, because I had a really bad second date that messed me up a bit.

So I initially came to ask for some opinions because I wasn't seeing really clear regarding what had happened to me (or her, actually).

And I am replying to questions, and see that logical answers are quite easy to find nearly every time.

Yet, it seems that despite all the real life experience one can have, and their ability to analyse events, often, a complete stranger has a better view on what you are going through, than yourself.

Isn't it the best demonstration that when you have a problem that is really concerning you, the kindness of strangers is a good way to learn about your (often easy) problem ?


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  • I think so. I mean, it's easy to have a clear answer on what should happen when you don't have a bias toward it. When you're clouded with emotions, it's harder for you to see what you need to see versus what you want to see.


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  • No. I handle my own issues well.