Would you prefer GAG to rank answerers via percentage of BAs?


Shouldn't Best Answers be a ranking instead of motor mouthing an amount of answers?

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  • How about having both rankings?

    I can understand Sparrow's point about how some answers are biased, but I've seen a more than several (not all) level 10 or other higher level users who don't exactly always answer the question, rather leave a comment, or the answer doesn't seem to be thought out very well, but because they answer, they still get their XPER points.

    For me personally, I only answer questions that I feel that I am able to answer to the best of my ability and will be helpful to the question asker. This clearly isn't the case for everyone here. Anyone who has been on this website for at least a week would agree. Anyways, because of this, I take pride in my percentage. I like to be able to see how useful my answers are.

    I do understand that being on this site is beneficial, but I feel that if someone visits this site daily, has a high XPER, and has a high percentage, then becomes busy with work or school, they would still drop in the ranks despite having a solid amount of BAs.

    Also, for someone just starting out on GAG, no matter how great their answers are and how many BAs they receive, it'll be pretty dang hard for them to surpass the current high rankers.

    Perhaps having a new form of ranking formed would be ideal. One where the ratio between XPER points and percentages both help determine the ranks.

    Either way, the ranks wouldn't be absolutely fair, but I do absolutely think percentage of BAs should matter.

    • I agree and really that was my point

    • Yes. I'm glad someone agrees.

      I feel like I might even choose more BAs if GAG did this.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Yes! I would love to see who is giving out the quality advice! I think in order to combat that people who answer one and then leave, it should be like a best answers of the month type of thing. That way it keeps it current. That way even a novice who just got here could even do fairly well if they gave out quality answers. The quantity of answers is already rewarded with prizes on the current system (as are BA, but personally I feel if you want a prize it would be easier to just answer everything) and to me the top exper list is really empty and meaningless... I mean what have they done really? I'm mean its fairly possible top expers could have written "I don't know" on every question, everyday for the past couple of years. It doesn't mean they are good at it. I think there are only a few on here that take advantage and give a BA for agreeableness. Also you could give the option for users to vote after say a week if the asker didn't choose a BA or just use the up down votes to select the highest one if no one else has after a week.

  • I like it just the way it is...

  • Meh I'd say leave it be.

  • not really because sometimes some answers could be bas but people just chose the one they think is better when it isn't necessarily

  • No because not everyone gives BA and its kinda annoying that they don't.

    • ... and sometimes BA goes to "what they want to hear" - I agree


      rankings based upon time spent on GAG = quantity of answers is

      DESIGNED to encourage more time on GAG = better ad rates GAG can sell!

    • Which is very easy to explain by the fact that GaG earns by advertising... Therefore the longer somebody stays, the more ads he's seen, the more money Gag gets.

  • That's really interesting, but Best Answers are biased. The numbers that are used now to rank members are based on how much they use the site, not on a biased popularity contest.

    • What if like on yahoo answers each question has a window where people can answer it and after it closes people can vote for best answer?

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    • I have to agree with QA I would like to see a BA ranking, not because I want to try and rise through the rank on it and boost my ability to say what people want to hear, but so that I can see who are the members that actually do give out good advice and checkout what kind of good advice they have given in the past. Also, I think it is very false to say that most BA are given out for agreeing or saying what the person wants to hear, I have never gotten a BA for just agreeing, in fact I got a BA

    • Once when I completely disagreed with asker and actually changed his perspective. So, I definitely don't think people only give out BA to the people who agree with them (although it does happen, but meh what can you do, those people are also writing pointless answers on every question to get a high point rank, that I don't even bother to look at, at all). Personally I give BA to people who I feel either gave me a wow moment or put the most thought in.

What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly, I don't think I've ever given anyone a best answer because I never really pay attention to doing so. So I don't know how that would work.

  • Nah because you'd have the people who only answered like 2 questions, got one BA so they're on top with 50% even though they haven't logged on in over a year. Plus not enough people choose BA for it too really be relevant, unfortunately.

    • Good thought - the rankings might be limited to those submitting 100 (or some other amount) answers?

    • I think if they were going to do something like that, a better alternative would just be an entirely separate rankings board for BA. Or maybe just have your percentage somewhere near your mini avatar/xper/level when you answer questions, so it's easier to see. That might encourage people to give better quality answers. I definitely think that it would be interesting to make it a bigger feature than it is.

  • Any retard (like me) can get a BA so whatever. Try to not take Gag so cereal

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