How many guys are seriously on this site anyway?

So I've noticed that most of the questions and answers come from girls. Are there that many more girls than guys or are you guys just not very troubled or helpful? Guys do you like questions or being left alone?


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  • I'd consider myself to be a regular on this site, and I am serious about answering and helping others. It's just that a lot of the questions the girls ask are soooo frequent (FAQs), so over done that I don't bother answer.

    Example of superfluous questions--- How do I know if he likes me? Or How do I get him to like me? Or How do I flirt? I mean if you want answers to these questions, all you have to do is hit the search button. I am sure there are plenty of people who've asked the same question. Not only that, people have written articles dealing with attraction and how to tell if he/she is into you.


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  • I'll throw in my 2 cents. I don't mind being asked questions because I like sharing my knowledge. I answer the questions I know how to answer, and feel I can give a good answer to. I also won't answer something if I see an answer that is pretty much what I would have given. I don't see a point in repeating what's already been said.


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  • Hello,

    There are thousands of guys on this site. It is approx a 60% (women) to 40% (men) split.

    WindChaser got it right in that many questions asked on a daily basis have already been asked and answered half a dozen times before. I've noticed a trend that men are less likely to post responses to similar questions than women. (This is not a fact, just my observation).

    Using the search to find related questions before posting is recommended if you are not getting as many answers as you'd like.