Should GAG have stickied questions/advice articles?

In order to reduce repetitive questions, or perhaps having easy answers, should GAG have stickied questions or advice articles on the front page? Or maybe like an "FAQ"-type of article for each subject?

I know there's a (usually poor) common questions reference when you post a question, but would simply having stickied ones be better? Would it help or hurt the site? What would the benefits be? The cons? What are your thoughts? Do you regulars enjoy reading the same question asked differently 20 times a week?

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oh I'm also aware it has "popular", "top rated" Q's, etc. Still not quite the same as stickied ones. I know stickied stuff usually applies to forums, and this isn't a forum. But...yeah.
also, I know, as this is a message board and not a forum, that the Q&A format seems more personal or whathaveyou. Believe me, I'm aware of the logistical and psychological benefits of not having anything stickied. But surely there are is also a great amount of benefits to having stickies?
I was thinking the best compromise is to go one step above that "3 questions similar to yours."

After you hit submit, or before you even start typing a question, whichever functions best, have a MUST-READ page that has like the 10, 20 most common and generic questions or summaries of those questions. And each question must be confirmed read.


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  • I've been thinking the same thing for years. That some of the more repetitive questions on this site should just be stickied. Like for example, if a girl asks for the millionth time whether guys prefer bigger girls or smaller girls, or if boobs really matter, and all that... Or say a guy asking the same ol' "big penis" questions as usual. Whatever the question is, if It's been asked before, It's then compiled to a pile. A merged topic. Points taken away, and the subject is merged. I know I've seen a question merged before, on this site. I know it's possible. It should be done more.

    But I don't think stickied is quite right either. I mean I think perhaps there should be a section for endless discussions about the same old crap. Stuff like that. Also, I think there should be a more blunt way of pointing out to people when their question has been asked thousands of times before. Something that not only removes or merges their question, but also send them an automated email and PM (yes, both) with explanations explicitly telling them why this happened, and an attached streaming video telling them how to work a goddamned search engine.

    Seriously, I've been on this site so long, I am sick to death of people asking all the stupid questions over and over again, when these questions are simple, straightforward, to the point, and have been both asked and answered uncounted numbers of times. Or those questions that plainly have no right answer, but keep getting asked anyway, with the same results. I'm sick of it. Sick of everyone who posts these questions. I want them to learn how to use a goddamned motherfucking search engine!

    (huff.. huff... huff...)

    So yeah. I pretty much side with you on this one, CheeseSteak7.

    • lol I agree. There are tons of repeated questions, but link is what set me over the top because I've noticed it specifically a few times the past week or 2.

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    • well you're right in that regard but all a person has to do is add a qualifier. I could also argue the demographics around changes thus opinions may change :/

    • Then change the polls to add things like age differences. But for the most part, these questions will largely get voted by somebody the same way.

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  • YES

  • I don't understand what "stickied" is...

  • It's clear that gag is dying down and is getting kinda old. And you have the right approach it needs ways to make it newer and better.

    It's one of those things that can go either way. Yes, it would definitely help all of us who love to answer questions and keep us more interested. But, it could hurt the askers there question isn't as good as another or can't have the same one as someone else. Many questions will never be answered and they will leave gag

    But I think it's also clear that people are leaving gag now or barley login.

    And if we don't do something like your idea al of the answerers will leave and then of course the questioners will eventually follow

    It's really a lose lose situation unless it does make a big difference.

    But I love your concept

  • What is a sticky?

  • I don't like seeing more than 5 stickies in one place. Reason being they get in the way of more serious questions and there ends up still being a lot of crap I have to scroll past (example: link I mean this site has 9 stickies! NINE! One being a sticky about stickies! And I have to scroll through all of that crap+recently asked questions that are repeated because it still happens because people are idiots).

    I think that we should have a feature like the old Yahoo Answers did (I'm not sure if the updated version does this) where it suggests other questions with the same keywords before it allows you to submit your question. It's not foolproof, but maybe we could have like a strike out system and a report button where if someone repeatedly asks FAQ (3/7 questions asked for example) they'll be kicked off the site for a certain amount of time (yes, it's that annoying) like a day for 1st offense, a week for 2nd offense, a month for 3rd offense, and then if you do that crap more than 3 times you just can't go on GAG


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  • I think just have like 2 or 3 common questions stickied for like a week and see if it cuts down on repeditive questions.

  • Meh.There's already articles, sticked questions I don't care about.

  • Your picture is my answer

  • I think it is not enforceable honestly. I mean sometimes people have there own individual tweak to a question or some of the already answered question may not apply to a person. If I wanted to be facetious and refer to your question that question can be re-asked like:

    "Would you rather have sex with a girl who is super skinny, bisexual and homeless, or a girl that's a little bit overweight, christian and rich?

    Point? A different question... which a person could definitely argue and it be valid