To all the Muslims on GAG. How was you're Eid?

Happy Eid [ul - Adha] Mubarak

How was you're Eid?

Officially Eid was yesterday since Hajj was on Monday but many people down here in UK celebrated it today. What about you guys?


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  • When you are not in a Muslim country, it all depends howany relatives and close Muslim friends you have mear u. Without that, eid is almost a non-event.

    • true all my uncles and aunties live in the same city as me quite close by so it went ok

    • Oh wow ! AslmAlkm and Eid Mubaarak to you. Thank you little sister for the BA.

      Yeah. You are lucky indeed. I just have my one wife and 2 kids. :)

    • 1 set of parents, and 3 siblings, have a maternal auntie who lives with us - and my mums bros & sis live close to us as well as her uncle so it went okay. Its the only time we get together they come and visit but its occasional or when they want something but Eid is a beautiful event meant to be celebrated with everyone. How old are your kids? Did you offer the sacrifice?

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  • I'm not a Muslim by religion (but have learnt saying namaaz years ago from a friend :D ) but my Eid was AWESOME. as is every year since many years. Earlier it used to be friend's moms who'd love me gorging on the biryani and stuff and now it's their wives :D :D :D

    I really missed out wishing on Eid oops sorry :( :) wasn't intentional :D

    • That's fine I'm glad you had a great Eid its a beautiful occasion. The food and brand new clothes are awesome

  • It was celebrated yesterday here as a national holiday, so we had the day off work. Many of my friends went to the mosque to get their ritually slaughtered piece of beef or lamb. I didn't get offered any free meat this year, so that was less, hehehe. Other than that, I just spent the whole day with my family playing and fooling around.

    • Lucky you - down here not many people get a day off for Eid - us students only get a day off - I took yesterday off. And yeah my dad payed to sacrifice an animal in Pakistan - the meat is given to the needy as alms in the name of GOD as well as any money you have. I spent the day lazing around yesterday - today I'm all decked up and stuffed from eating a variety of delicacies including my saffron rice

    • yeah, I don't think the British will make it a national holiday just like that. Here where I live they'll give anyone a free day. Last Thursday we had another national holiday celebrating 160 years of Chinese Immigration hahaha, tell me if you know another country that gives a national holiday that celebrates immigrations, lmao. I don't know of any, except here.

  • Eid al-Adha is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismail (Ishmael)a as an act of submission to Allah's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before Allah intervened to provide Abraham with a Lamb to sacrifice instead.

    • Allah asked for his most precious thing which was his son. Add me are you a sunni Muslim?

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    • These thngs only used to happen with prophets. That is why they were prophets. If we ever believe that God or angel has said something in our dream, then we must be smoking.

      He actually kept getting the dream for 3 days. He cud not understand and first 2 days he kept sacrificing camels. He understood the real meag the 3rd night.

    • exactly we can't even match in their footsteps inshallah we'll do good deeds to get into jannat

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  • I think it was awesome. This is an old question so I don't remember :)

  • Thank you Happy Eid for you too

    • Khair Mubarak to you and your family too

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