What are the perks of moderating or administering a site like GaG?

Open for all to answer.

What are the perks?

Do you think it's an enjoyable thing to do?

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one of the other answers got taken down. Bummer honestly...


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's something to do to pass time ,

    and something to do if you are an active member of this site.

    By becoming a moderator you can feel more involved.

    That is really the only "perk(s)".


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What Guys Said 5

  • No perks apart from meeting a quota on answer/comment/question removals.

    Like with many forum moderators, it takes a certain mindset to accept that you're keeping the site clean for free. Sure, its nothing like planting trees or picking up trash on the side of the freeway, but you're still providing a voluntary service for the benefit of people above you.

    I just wish there was a tighter leash on those who abuse their power. It takes forever to get them stripped.

  • Administrator is a harder job. (I do that on another site)

  • I only lasted two weeks as a moderator, but if there are any 'perks', I sure didn't see them!

    • Every single time I removed something, the person whined to admin that I was abusing my powers. Every SINGLE time.

  • A red or yellow dot next to your name

  • They get (so I heard) a gift basket with fruit every month, tags to put on the swim trunks that allows them to swim in the Gag pool, they get free threemusketeers bars, they get that cool ass bubble, they get to spank palek on the butt once a week (twice if they make 3 or more Gag arrests in that same week), and most of all they get GAG PRIDE (that also comes with a ribbon).

    • You forgot to mention the unnatural acts, but perhaps that's for the best.

    • Poo is most certainly natural (I know sending it in the mail is not so sanitary but...)

What Girls Said 2

  • i don't think there are any perks apart from personal sense of achievement that you've reached that level

  • Moderators and Super Moderators are volunteers. They help the admin team keep trolls and spam in check. They also often help other members regarding site related questions because they're seen as an authority.

    Admins officially work for GirlsAskGuys. I've only been an admin for a couple of months so far, it's been great though.