Suggestion for GAG's new releases, searching criteria, category.

Dear GAG team: PLEASE.. when you come out with the new releases for God's sake have the following 2 additions:

1) this is the ridiculous one that needs to be changed... Please add "Above 25" in the search criteria. It is stupid to have above 18 and then above 30.

2) please add a category of "Lifestyle" even if you have to merge couple of existing ones. Questions pertaining to cars and electronics and what outlet to go to; and what type of wire to use etc etc need to go there. Of course we cud use "Other"; but this would help. These are generally questions that have nothing to do with "guys" asking "girls" or vice versa.


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  • The search functionality in general here at GAG is woefully lacking. I've tried using it once and was so frustrated I haven't tried since.


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  • Agreed

  • They should allow us to put videos up too like pics when we put them up we get xpers it'd be cool to upload videos

  • There are very exciting changes regarding the search engine and categories, but we don't want to give away any spoilers just yet ;-)

    Stay tuned...

    Also, keep the suggestions coming, we do listen and consider everything you guys suggest :-)

    • Thanks for the encouraging comments yet again.

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    • Seems like that thing bit off a sparrow's head.

    • Oh, I don't know... I think the cleaver really brings out the color in my rotting teeth :-P

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  • WE should also have an 'under 16' ctegory, Plenty of them are dumb enough to sign up in that category, and of course, the software will automatically delete them.

    I second the motion on Lifestyle. And there should be a place on the profile for ethnicity and national origin as well.

    Of course it would be optional, but I'd lke to know the cultural background of people in order to better answer their questions.

    • As interesting as it sounds, I bet you 90% will pick something lile "Martian" or "Alien" in ethnicity.

      For filter on age, they should simply provide an open range for anyone to enter when searching.

    • Those shouldn't be options, or you are right, a lot of people would pick them.

      I'm sure a lot ofpeople would leave that blank, which would be one is going to force them.

      Since most people ONLY ask questions anonymously, they clearly wouldn't be willing to tell us anything about themselves.

      But the 20 percent or so who aren't anonymous might want to provide that info..many already do on their own.

  • "Lifestyle" would be a great addition...

  • These both seem rather unimportant.

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