Guys, why would you hide your feelings?

are you afraid of getting hurt? and how would I know if a guy really have interest in me, but is hiding his feelings? Also according to these questions, what do you think?: older question: link middle: link

Newer: link and was it right that I told him I no longer liked him in that way?


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  • What it all comes down to is genetics and how we are socialized. If you grew up watching princess movies and everyone said that real men don't show any sign of emotion even when they want to break down and claw out their eyes and cry themselves to death. The socialization process is complicated and long. Long story short it is because how guys are raised and are genetically.

    I understand why too, in general it goes against the social grain and is not desirable and makes life more difficult to not fall into societal laws. It's what allows us all to function and have order.

    That being said, for the right woman most guys are willing to show their feelings if they are told/showed that's what she wants and we trust her. With exceptions of course, for example I'll show/tell pretty much any feeling or emotion because I am kinda broken, honest, and crazy that way. I mean I will literally answer just about any personal question or anything in a one on one, just sayin'.

    Anywho, best of luck to you.


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  • I've never feared getting heart. I believe that if you do, then you're more likely to cause problems with your new interest, which will lead to you getting hurt again. A couple of years ago, I argued and broke up with a girl that I had dated for 6 months. The breakup was brutal and the experience was exhausting. The very next day, I met a woman who attracted me right from the start, and I didn't hesitate to pursue her.

    The only time that I'd conceal my feelings for a girl is I was unsure if she liked me (if I believe that she's friend zoned me or she's trying to get me to chase her).

  • Are you afraid of getting hurt? Yes. I have been hurt before and it makes it difficult for me to be as open as I would like


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