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When it comes to the religion of Christianity the reason why there is so much division in the Christian church today is because. When it comes to the biblical scriptures some can have up to five different meanings but only one can be true. So when it comes to the interpretations of the early church fathers. 1. True or false , The early church fathers as individuals gave very precise interpretations with only one problem they had no one to corroborate their claims. 2. True or False , as a collective group the early church fathers had sketchy interpretations of various scriptures?


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  • The main problems with interpretation is exactly that, it's an interpretation. Even the church is far from perfect, with many types of questionable behavior. The fact is, if it rains it rains it and that's. the fact, Everything else attached that is open to interpretation, whether it be heavy or light, maybe even the reason as to why.

    One thing I learned through internal arts is that one move can have at least five applications. In that sense it's useful to remember that not everything can be so rigid.

    The main reason for divisions is that people want to believe what they want, without allowing for the fact that maybe just maybe, they are incorrect.

    • Great answer now do you mind telling me the true or false part

    • I would probably say that the second is more true than first despite both having elements of truth. Even now the interpretation of scripture are quite sketchy, but we hope that we are correct. With precise interpretation, it could be completely precise, but still wrong.

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  • According to this guy - link - the people who wrote the Bible would be considered mentally retarded by today's standard.

    • Well of course they were Primitive but retarded seems like an unfair judgment For all we know what they were geniuses of the ancient world.

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    • 1.) Nobody said science was superior to religion. 2.) If you think having morality, spirituality, hope, joy and peace in religion would stop civilization destroying itself, you clearly haven't read the bible.

    • I have read the Bible I see your point. My point was that without all those things the world has no chance no matter what

  • "some can have up to five different meanings but only one can be true"

    Or none could be true

    • true ,but that doesn't answer my question though How much do you know about the early church fathers for real what they said what they wrote how they operated.

    • Well I'd say it's more of the second than the first