Sharing questions within GAG?

Why doesn't GAG have 'retweet' like in Twitter. That way it will help those questions that people answer and the Answerer wants more people to answer it for their opinion too.

Don't you think that will be cool and more productive with more people answering especially since certain time lines are more active than others

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  • it is great idea... But it has to be implemented in way to fit this forum. Currently there is featured question option.

    • Agreed. but the featured question is one that remains on top of the line for a fixed amount of time against giving up xper points. Here I'm referring to a situation where if I read a question and think this question should receive many more answers than what it already has I can click a button that will share the question to my followers / friends while showing the original QA but probably saying 'shared by' or something similar :) that way a lot of questions will beget more answers :)

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    • Thank you for the pick. Hopefully it will be considered at some point :)

    • Always a pleasure :) and as I am too :) :D

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What Girls Said 4

  • No, I never liked the Twitter system and I think that the popular members would get more 'retweets' which would be unfair.

    • isn't the retweet / sharing others' questions a better way of ensuring that the 'not so popular' also get a chance to become popular?

  • yeah that'd b kool altho i wonder how many people would use it. friends would have to be really close on here to know what questions to share, and answerers very knowledgeable of what questions are being asked

    • I agree to your wisdom young lady :) and either way the new GAG too hasn't introduced it :(

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    • YOU are a social butterfly lol and this is not a social networking site ha ha. I never could understand the reality check :D

    • yeah thats true:P

  • Yeah, you should recommend it if you already haven't.

  • By answering or commenting on a question in GirlsAskGuys, it shows the question in the Live Feed, so that can be seen as a form of sharing.

    However, we'll consider other options, like you mention. Thank you for the great suggestion!

    • Thank you for your prompt and assertive response while appreciating it :)

      It was, is and always will be my pleasure :) glad if I can contribute :)

    • Ditto :-)

What Guys Said 3

  • I'd love to be able to send a question back to the front page or something.

    Its really annoying when your question doesn't get much of a response. It seems to be completely random which of my questions explode with answers and which are entirely ignored. Its probably something to do with what time of day I choose to post them.

    • Happens with a lot of people and reasons could be

      1. Timeline of posting

      2. Choice of words on the question and text used in the body. As long as the words are catchy people tend to answer it.

      But again I believe timeline matters a lot. Half the world is more active on the internet and GAG than the other half :)

    • and oh yes there's a '3' too :D size and language also matters. People don't like reading through lengthy and/or repetitive statements in the question apart from if the language is not good enough to understand easily people do give up on answering it

  • No, that's stupid. Then people wouldn't feature questions.

    • Yes they would cause the objectives as well as sources are different. In featured questions it's the QA's suo moto requirement that the question be on top of all questions through the allotted period of time while in this option it's any of the answerer's choice to 'retweet' / share the question even if they don't know how to answer to beget more opinions in which case the question unlike in 'featured' wont' be on top of the line :)

  • since when has gag made ANY changes? Their web programmers don't do anything it seems. Lots of great ideas have never been implemented which is why the user base is a lot less than it used to be

    • NOW GAG's got a whole load of changes, what do you say about it buddy. There's even a question on how is the new GAG experience :)

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