GAGers, what's your typical day like?

What's your typical day like?I have no more details to add.Thanks.


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  • I get up around 11 pm, go online and lay in bed til my grandma leaves the kitchen, then I go online in the family room, and leave just before my mom wakes up and comes down stares, then I'll leave to work in the garden... ha ha "work" half the time I just sit and stare... I will call it meditation... I think a lot ... OK then I get hungry... sometimes I'll make a green juice, usually have some fruit.. or left overs like rice, or I will make rice, I eat a lot of rice... I will take a hit of weed every now and then while in he garden. it gives me energy and makes me forget about hunger. I drink lots of water throughout the day... pretty boring day but I am healing from an injury so I gotta take it slow. normally I would go for a long bike ride that would take up most the day or go running... OK anyways then dinner comes this is a favorite time of the day, I love to help my mom cook she's great at it... I am currently writing up all her recipes and going to make a cook book.. but the way she explains things doesn't translates really well... It tastes awesome and I'd love to share the recipes I might just have to find people to cook for and share them myself.. I also do a lot of studying through out the day... I do hard labor in the garden then takes breaks to go back online and study... I study everything... basically trying to figure out a job to have since I'm unemployed.

    • haha a lot of people spend time grooming... I sometimes take a shower in the evening... and that 's it

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  • Wake up

    Pray my Rosary (though sometimes, I pray each Decade separately throughout the day)

    Run or go to the gym


    Get dressed

    Go to work

    Drive home

    Get into t-shirt and jeans

    Work on articles/blog posts

    Watch TV

    Attend meetings

    Go to bed

    • Nice and great beginning. Pray the Rosary is one of the best things to do. CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Get up, get dressed, wash up.

    Make and eat breakfast.

    Watch some TV or study for a test.

    Walk 30 mins. to college.


    Walk 30 mins. home.

    Make and eat lunch.

    Watch tv.

    Do homework.

    Work out on my home gym.

    Eat dinner.

    Finish homework or just browse internet.



  • I work two jobs and workout 5 days a week. I'm pretty busy.

  • Get up at 7 am everyday. Make breakfast, go off to 8am class. Sit through 4 classes until 4pm.

    Make dinner until 6pm. Finish assignments.

    Rinse and repeat until the weekends. #Partytime

  • Wake up-drink water-cook-eat-read news papers-hit the gym-cook-eat-go to cafe-drink coffee-read,write,talk-come back home-randomly delve into the internet and do activities like eavesdropping, chatting with my girlfriend, watching videos, watching movies, reading and researching-go to sleep.

  • I go to school I come home I might do some work I play around maybe study then go to bed


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  • School



    Hang out with my boyfriend/friends for a while

    More studying


    Wake up, repeat.

    With internet activity on GAG thrown in there every so often throughout the day:)

  • I either have work or school depending on the day (never both on the same day).

    So I spend the beginning of the day getting ready, hanging out, doing chores, etc.

    Then I go to work/school.

    Come home, make dinner.

    Hang out (either at home or with the boyfriend)

    Then before I go to bed, I usually watch TV for a while and/or spend some time online.

  • Honestly my days are pretty inconsistent, but in general:

    6-7am: I'll wake up, work out, shower, eat breakfast, etc.

    9am: go to work/uni whatever

    I usually finish midday. After that I'll usually come home and study/read/watch TV or hang out with mates.

    I generally go to sleep aroun 10-11pm.

    On the weekends I have no routine. They're usually like this: link

  • Between 6 - 8 am: Wake

    WASH - Brush teeth, clean face, brush hair.

    NEWS - Watch news while I do this ^^^

    DRINK - Water & squeeze orange juice

    EXERCISE - Stretch & Jog / walk - 45 min

    EAT - Fruit

    GARDEN - Water plants etc.

    CHORES - Washing / make beds / cleaning up after boyfriend / sort out financials

    WASH - Shower & dress

    SHOP - Groceries


    INTERNET - check e-mail / forums / social networking sites etc.

    WORK - Part-time job / Study / Research - 6+ hours


    LEISURE - Meditate / read / nap / see a friend / Skype

    DINNER - Prepare (Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs)

    EXERCISE - Yoga / Ballet / weights / go to the stadium track with Boyfriend - one hour

    WASH - Shower

    EAT - Dinner (Tue, Fri, Sat = go out to dinner)

    MAINTENANCE - Do nails / shave / wash hair / face mask etc.

    CHILL - Watch TV / movies / series


  • I just wish it wasn't so annoying and have my own house or apartment already. Coming home from work or school or on my days off my family is almost unbearable I almost wanna drown myself somedays lol. But my weekends are nice because I can just be out stay at my friends house or drive around with complete silence :)

  • Wake up 7;30 am

    Go back to sleep

    Wake up 9;30 am

    skip shower

    brush teeth

    wipe and deodorize

    put clothes and shoes on

    run to the bus

    get to school 10;30 am

    Do assignments, study

    do class 1:25pm

    after class do homework

    5:45 pm another class

    Leave class at 10pm

    catch bus get home at 11pm


    watch tv


    fall asleep

    and repeat


    Friday-Sunday (Work, party, church)

  • Sometimes wake up very early at 3:30 or 4:00 AM and fly to several airports. Sometimes I wake up late and fly to several airports ending late night. Usually 2, 3 or 4 take offs and landings. Rest of the day free time. Lol.

  • I work 2 jobs on mon-sat. Whenever I'm free I just go out for drinks with friends.

  • 1) check my phone when I woke up eg GAG, FB

    2) drink a glass of water before I b rush my teeth to detox

    3) brush teeth

    4) drink coffee

    5) prepare breakfast

    6) on computer and rest awhile before I bathe

    7) go yoga

  • School





    Watch Tv

  • Wake up at 6:00am.

    Wash face - moisturize, foundation.

    Straighten hair.


    Get dressed.

    Brush Teeth.

    Leave at 7:30. Get on bus to school, transfer to another bus.

    Get to school at 8:30. There till 3:30 on Tue and 5:30 on Thur.

    Get home. See my boyfriend by that point.

    Eat or make dinner.

    Shower with him.

    Relax rest of day.

    Fri-Mon + Wed I wake up, wash face, eat, shower and do assignments and study all day.

    Go out whenever I have time or if I need to do something.

  • get up, go to school all day, study and read a ton, sometimes work out, shower, go home