Why wasn't the new moderator chosen by a poll if it was meant to be decided by the members here?


It seems very foolish since, while xhoneyxbeex was suggested by several members, all of the answers containing her name where downvoted massively. This surely shows that she wasn't really a popular choice at all. What is the purpose of letting members choose a moderator if someone unpopular is to be picked anyway?


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  • I'm happy with the two choices

    It was chosen by who got the most votes. When you cast your vote for anything, you don't get to throw in extra ballots saying who you don't want to win. You pick the person you want by stating their name, and then you essentially gtfo. That's pretty much how it works. You voice who you don't want to win by picking the person(s) you DO want to win.

    From what I saw, most posts were heavily downvoted making it unreliable. Actually, the situation reminded me of something pickledtofu once said, about how some people here like to use certain stats when its convenient, then throw them out when they aren't. Just as 6 out of 7 days in a week, people will look at their personal downvotes and denounce their validity, saying that they're largely meaningless (arguing that the GaG demographic is too dumb, or too liberal, or too misandrist and evidently just butthurt at the "truth" they were professing). But when the tables seemingly turn in their favor, like magic, downvotes mutate into the paragon of wisdom, an epitome of accuracy and a paradigm of perfection...on a website where creating a 3rd, 4th and 5th personal account is easier than cleaning your own toe jam. So I understand ignoring them for that reason alone. Everyone got to place a recommendation, and I'm happy for that.

    The fact that they even allowed members to choose a moderator is unheard of to me, as most forums I've seen strictly keep that decision up to the top admins. The only thing I believe most people can agree on is that many trolls exist here, as they do on most other forums. I don't expect a habitual troll to upvote the nomination of a person who will likely be more inclined to remove posts of theirs that breach the terms of service. That puts a ceiling on the "funz they haz."

    So for that reason, whether I was downvoted 50 times, 100 times, or 500 times my personal recommendation of xhoneyxbee would remain the same then, now, and hereafter

    • Downvotes/Upvotes aren't any sign of truth, wisdom, fact, ect. They are a sign of how popular an answer is though.

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  • i was confused about that too but she seems to be a nice girl.

  • They might as well make us all mods at this point.

  • The question was posted so that you guys could make suggestions. The final decisions will always remain with the admin team because we look into a lot more than just user suggestions when choosing our Moderators.

    We weren't paying attention to upvotes and downvotes because we understand that there are friendships and grudges on GAG that have nothing to do with someone's ability to be a good Moderator. Taking that into account along with the fact that we know some users create multiple accounts, answer ratings have become unreliable and we decided to go by who people voted for, not against.

  • They shouldn't let the members of the site choose period.


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  • that's why it wasn't a poll I think sparrow and the site just wanted to see names that were caste.

    Just because a person is down voted doesn't mean that the person isn't qualified or shouldn't be a moderator. All a moderator does is (as the name suggests) moderate the website, suggest posts that are either offensive, antagonistic, nonsensical, or explicit that should be removed (but the key word is they make suggestions for removal of content).

    I really think people are making FAR to big a deal about the whole thing. And ultimately the decision wasn't made based on votes or even the frequency of a name suggested. I think they just wanted to gather thoughts and then make a decision.

    The position isn't about popularity it's about responsibility and a person who can take an impartial view of things make a decision that is best for the site and it's users. I don't think ANYONE could disagree that Honeyxbee can't do that if they were truly honest with themselves. Read all her answers and ask yourself what are we really going on about.

    As a moderator I have felt myself compelled to remove answers posted or questions asked by people who I agree with on most things. I've also practiced restraint reading answers that while may be crass, rude, or not very supportive BUT are a legit opinion and suggestion. I've read and reread posts 10-20x's, save them to read later from a fresh perspective all to ask myself does it really require removal? I think that is what a good moderator does. They take their time, remove their bias' and make a decision that is good for the community and I believe that was the reason for the site choosing xhoneyxbeex ... It seems you don't like Xhoneyxbeex or disagree with her opinions for whatever reason, but she is a fair and non-judgemental person and I donn't think you could disagree with that

    However, if you don't like the site or the process I suggest you raise your concerns directly to the site administrator. I've voiced my concerns before and after becoming a moderator and to their credit they have always been responsive and thoughtful.

    • I would disagree that she is fair and non-judgemental though, since she blocked me and tried to start an argument because I disagreed with part of an article she wrote. That is why I downvoted everyone who suggested her :)

      I'm not bothered though, I mainly asked the question to get peoples thoughts on this. There are already moderators who strongly dislike me, claiming I only 'constantly cry about how women are so mean and nasty' and that...

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    • well I read the article and I don't see where she said those things...maybe they were removed... but in my experience honeybee is a fair person who doesn't jump to conclusions or take stabs at people personally...but that is my experience

    • She didn't say those things, another moderator did. She did however block me for having a difference of opinion :)

  • That's what I wrote.

    WHY have a survey & pick who they want to anyway.

    Sparrow updated "down votes aren't considered" If you as massively down voted that must mean something.

  • I think every entry was downvoted immensely. The thread was nothing but a bunch of passive-aggressive haters. More asked for her than anyone else...it was a good choice.

    And, at the end of the day, it's an advice website, not the presidency.

    • True. Still think it would have been easy enough to make a poll with the most nominated members.

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    • *they* disrespect ...

    • 1) There are users on here with multiple accounts, so they downvoted multiple times and upvoted themselves.

      2) There are users on here who were butthurt that they cannot be taken seriously and therefore would not be awarded moderator/supermoderator status

      3) There were way too many unqualified individuals who were named a few times but wanted to make her look bad so they (and their minions) downvoted anyone who said her username.

  • I like Honeybee as a mod. I think she will be the fairest mod that GAG ever had. That being said, I think She got the nod because she had the most nominations from other mods

  • Lol You can be a pain in the butt sometimes but make sense at other times. The reason why there were so many down votes with people picking her is because she is antagonistic and blocks everyone. She clearly is not objective and I agree with you. Sheeple saw one person say her name then they all just repeated her name. This obviously will be removed but great question.

    • I'm now curious as to who you are haha!

      I'm also thinking this question won't last long, hopefully I'll hear some others input before its taken down :)

    • Well after me answering this honestly I will probably be banned as others have for speaking their minds. Good luck man