GAG, how did you feel when you first met your significant other?

And how did you feel during the stages of getting to know them?

Was it nervousness? Ecstasy? ...

What would you do to be with them?

I'm happy for both Lilena and the Anonymous (girl) poster.

But what tears me apart is the fact that I could be living the same thing, if it weren't for the distance between me and MY significant other.

She lives in Paris and I in London ... and it's just been impossible. We only see each other in the summer ...

I just wish my love life was better.


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  • Me and my significant other met at a party one night through mutual friends and talked until sunrise about philosophical things. We were both in the same mind set, not wanting a relationship and enjoying being single while it lasted. I thought he was very handsome and we seemed to have a lot in common, but again I wasn't looking for any ball and chain. After that first night, I had convinced one of my mutual friends to make it a "Friday night thing" to go over there and hang out since there were multiple people living in the house she was friends with and I had so much fun. Each Friday of seeing him I got more and more nervous, which wasn't like me. I actually started paying attention to the little details that I never had before. Does this match? Will he like the way my eyes look with this color? Does this shirt accentuate what I need it to? After a few weeks I got more and more giddy about Friday's, feeling ridiculous. I was sure neither of us wanted a relationship so I didn't understand why I felt that way. I would say about on the 3-4th week, my friend made some alone time for us and he asked if he could kiss me. OF COURSE! From then it has been pure ecstasy. Talking to each other all day, trying to see each other every day, making time for each other. It quickly got to the point where we realized we weren't really seeing anyone else and decided to make it official. 2 years later, I am still happy :) My theory is that you will find what you need when you're not looking for it. I never imagined I would enjoy being with someone as much as I enjoyed being single, if not more and I was never a long term relationship type of person before.

    • This makes me sick to read - don't worry it's nothing against you, it's just the fact that I could be living this... If it weren't for the distance between me and this girl I've known for 3,5 years.

      We truly like each other, and I can go to the extent of saying that it's probably love.

      I still feel nervous around her, when I see her in the summer, but there's something there that makes me want to see her more and more and more.

      Maybe one day we can make it happen, after our studies...

    • I've honestly been there done that with long distance relationships and most of the time it doesn't work out. I was even engaged at one point in my life to a military man but before we got a chance to get married, he was deployed and never heard from again. I sent him letters to the address he gave me with no response, he wasn't close with his family and we weren't married yet so I would have not received any notification about his whereabouts. I still to this day don't know what happened.

    • I just wanted to add that I don't mean to be a downer, and I was very depressed from that incident hence why I was so intent on staying single in my original story. Looking back on it, I'm really happy it happened because even though I thought my heart broke, it was just the forces of nature telling me he wasn't the one and I'm happier with my man now more than ever.

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  • When I first met him, I was 15 and we met randomly on the street. I never thought that we would eventually get into a relationship, but I knew there was something special about him. He's Serbian, and not Canadian or American, so there was that element of cultural difference right away and I liked that. We became friends and stayed that way even when he left and went back home (he was just visiting here when we met).

    But a few years later he came back to Canada for school and we met up in person again. He was older, of course, and I felt like I was getting to know him all over again and that was exciting. I liked him and wanted to date him but I thought I had been successfully friend zoned as he was going out with other girls. I didn't really do much to try to be with him because I was sure that he would be scared away and I didn't want that to happen. He made the first move towards me though by showing me that he liked me.

    We did the LDR thing for a few months. It's really hard, I know. I never saw him in person during that time, only through Skype. You're a lot closer to your SO than I was to mine, though!

  • I felt at ease getting to know my boyfriend. We were both friends, and I had no idea he liked me. When I found out he liked me, I became interested. ( I always though he was cute)

    We were friends about 2 months before we started dating

    • I think usually when a straight guy is friends with a girl he usually fancies her.

  • I met my boyfriend on vacation. He and I were both in the ocean and I more or less was knocked over by a wave and crashed into him. To be fair the waves were 8-10 ft and I was 5'2 and very light (100ish lbs).

    I was so nervous. I was crushing big time. I was also convinced he wanted nothing to do with me. But man I was obsessed. And it was horribly HORRIBLY obvious. But I was 14 so don't judge me :p

    Turns out he lives 9 minutes away from my house back in the States. So naturally we started dating. He still gives me butterflies and it's been six years :)

  • Like I fell in love immediately! A pure high, nothing comparable. I came home that night, woke my mom up at 2am just to tell her I met the man I was going to marry! 6 months later, we live together and are engaged.

  • Well, when I first got to know him, we were just friends so it was mostly just making jokes while out drinking with other friends.

    When I first realized I started liking him, I felt more anxious to see him and excited when he texted me, etc. I would invite him out more often to hang out with my friends and I and text him about stupid things. Eventually, I invited him out for a drink just the two of us, and the rest is history ; )

    • I seriously envy both you and Lilena ... I'm stuck here on my own with just the thoughts of this 3,5 year "crush". Good thing is that we both like each other ... but it's just the distance which is ruining it.

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    • lol thanks : ) I have one, I just go anon. since some of the stuff I post is pretty personal and I wouldn't want anyone I know seeing it. I added you as a friend if you ever need advice later on!

      And yes I think she'll tell you she loves you. Maybe not out of the blue right away, but I'd be surprised if she doesn't.

    • Thanks just accepted the friend request :) ...

      Can't wait for that day :)

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  • The same way I felt when I got my I phone 10 and samsung galaxy s6 (if you know what I mean :D )