What 5 cool things have you done on GAG?

What 5 cool things have you done on GAG :D

Question is not too short and I have no more details to add.

Please answer this especially if you have been a long timer here.Thanks :-)


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  • 1.I've helped people get out of problem situations

    2. I've helped people decide how to help familymembers who were depressed or addicted.

    3. I've convinced people to start workin gout and getting into shape.

    4. I've had good advice that has helped ME get out of problem situations.

    5. I've been able to 'make up' for some poor judgment with the help of some Gag veterans.


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  • 1. Seduced various North American women with my triple threat of charm, brilliant insight and rugged good looks.

    2. Managed to hold my tongue in the face of endemic stupidity.

    3. Helped the odd person. Though it's tough to say to what extent any advice has lasting change. Some people seem to come away with lasting insights.

    4. Bought a book with a gift card.

    5. Managed to last three years without deleting my account in abject hopelessness for person-kind.

  • 1. Not original account, but I've helped out two users here, one successful the other failed.

    2. I've managed to stick around for nearly five years.

    3. I've learned quite a few things that have sharpened my skills when it comes to helping others.

    4. I've been a mod. Yay, right?

    5. And I've managed to not get kicked off for some reason or another.

  • 1. Reached level 2

    2. Reached level 3

    3. Reached level 4

    4. Reached level 5

    5. Reached level 6

    But seriously, I was chosen for Best Answer a few times.

  • 1) Cured the sick

    2) Made a child laugh

    3) Inspired an Artist

    4) Taught a hungry mind

    5) Helped a friend in need.

  • Ummm... Reached Guru status a couple of days ago?... Woo? :3

  • Being a Top Xper Gagger that's about it.


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