Favorite/Least Favorite thing on GAG?

What is your favorite and least favorite thing on GAG?



Least Favorite:

Sorry guys, but the community. I never feel comfortable to say what I feel, because so many people get away with saying terrible things, simply because you state your opinions.


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  • My favorite is when I feel like I can help someone with a bit of advice.

    My least favorite is people who are so trapped in their heads that they turn nasty if someone thinks differently about something. However, people like that are found everywhere.


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  • Favorite would be those times I read an answer/question and think to myself "goddam, someone with a brainstem"

    Least favorite I think I would agree with you. About the community part anyhow. I don't agree with the rest of what you say though. People say terrible things because you state you opinion? Well, they're just stating their opinion about your opinion, so what the hell right?

    • There is a difference between "I disagree with your opinion" and "You're a bleeping bleep bleeper and go die a fiery death, because you don't deserve life". Get what I'm saying?

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    • haha, I censored myself.

    • Well where's the fun in that

  • Favorite: Receiving a gift for participating.

    Least favorite: Some of the jerks on here who are just mean to everyone.

  • Favorite is you can actually get some really good advice on this website from some users and you get a chance to help others with their problems

    Least fav is there are way too many people only willing to hear what they want (sometimes I am that way my self but I am trying to change that)

  • Favorite: It's a definite cure for a case of boredom and it's a learning experience.

    Least favorite : Users on here that block for little or no reason.

  • Favorite is when I see someone going through similar issues as me so I know I am not alone

    Least I would agree with you about that.


What Girls Said 1

  • favorite is that I get can I ask whatever I want and I get better/more thoughtful responses than yahoo answers. plus the prizes.

    least favorite sometimes I don't want to ask relationship questions and I want to ask things that don't fit here/would get removed.

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