Where do you draw the line between health and unhealthy GAGging?

I personally believe it is drawn on two fronts: Involvement and time investment. If you're on GAG with something pressing to do for greater than 4 hours a day you're going to die of cholera. If you get mad at GAG 3 or more times a day you'll die of Necrosis of the Liver.

If even when you have nothing to do you spend a full day's labor ( 8-actual hours of paying attention ) on the website you probably have worms in your brain that have neurotransmitters crafted by GAG admins.

Your thoughts?


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  • Lol! I check in every few days. I agree with you about growing worms on the brain.

  • i feel that there is a need to draw a line afterall this is only gag so sometimes I cannot understand the heated arguments . I believe in makingyour point and that's it

    cant be here 24/7 we have other things to do outside of this


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