What are the 5 things that most GAGers do but you won't do?

What are the 5 things that most GAGers do but you won't do?

Thanks for your inputs.


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  • 1) Try to change myself to be what the oposite gender wants based on opinion polls. So many people are trying to customize themselves based on their insecurities. It's crazy.

    2) Forget to laugh. There are so many people that are dead inside, I don't know where to start.

    3) Don't think of people on the internet as real people. So many people are disonected from the reality that many of the people the run into are just normal people like them with normal problems that they are dealing with.

    4) Be unwilling to trust and meet new people over the internet. So many people seem crazy parinoid. It's not like someone's going to reach out and kill you if you talk to them honestly.

    5) Accept that people on the internet can be good, nice, attractive, etc. It seems so many people think anyone who uses a computer in an age when everyone uses a computer almost everywhere they go is somehow some cave troll that hasn't seen light in 10 years, has a huntched back, buck teeth, is 300 pounds, has no life, and has never had a date. I don't know where they get these delusions from. It's crazy...


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  • 1) stare at a girl without letting her know why

    2) worry about the size of my penis

    3) be socially awkward and not ask out the girl I'm interested in

    4) be in a long-distance relationship with someone I met online.

    5) wonder if a guy likes spontaneous blowjobs.

  • 1. bash women for my own problems (and believe me, I have many of them)

    2. spend hours meticulously wondering whether changing my hair color would make me more attractive

    3. ask if some chick I met just 2 days ago is interested in me because we poked each other on Facebook

    4. ask if some chick I met just 2 days ago is interested in me because we poked each other in real life

    5. two word answers. sorry, that's not me.

  • 1) Label women largely as bitches only interested in model looking guys with big wallets

    2) Make duplicate accounts with the purpose of downvoting people multiple times to sway minds

    3) Abuse the anonymous function by trolling the shit out of question askers or other users

    4) Being anti-human to the point that I value an animal life over that of another person (caveat: I like animals, and I am in favour of laws that protect them from abuse. But I do not value the life of any animal over that of a human)

    5) Waste excessive amounts of time fighting in the left vs. right paradigm

  • Ask more then three questions a year.

    Care if I'm a mod or not.

    Hold America to a far higher standard then any other country.

    Be under 30.

    Wonder what birth control to use.

  • 1. I never share my actual opinion on anything..

    2. I never talk in totality about my problems.

    3. I never come here for genuine help.

    4. I trust everyone blindly.

    5. I believe everyone is valuable.

  • 1) Post in the Sexuality section.

    2) Post in the Dating section.

    3) Post in the Behaviour section.

    4) Post in the Relationship section.

    5) Criticise the US government as if it's the next dictatorship.

  • 1) Blame women for everything. (women have it easier! Boo hoo! It's not fair!)

    2) Make a mountain out of a molehill. (Oh, one of my ears is bigger than the other! Can I ever get laid?)

    3) Insult the moderators.

    4) Demand the return of the chat function

    5) Ask people to kick me in the nuts.


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  • 1. Make a ton of accounts, so I can troll this site.

    2. Become fixated on changing my body structure, when there's very little you can do about

    the way you were built.

    3. Become fixated over whether other races are into my ethnicity or not.

    4. Thumbs down people although I have no valid reason to.

    5. Reward best answer only because it's something I would :"like" to hear.

  • 1. Fwb, casual sex , hook up, made out (not most gag but it seem common here)

    2. Mean (not most gag but some)

    3. Spreading negativity (not most gag but some) eg women bashing

    4. Some I know are not genuine

    Can only think of 4

    • wo men liang ge he Kong Zi Shi Liu shi GAG zui guai de ren :)))

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    • What is Muackz?You want to kiss me 100 times? XD

    • Muackz is kiss


      Yup kisu you 100 times


  • 1. Blame the opposite gender for all of my problems.

    2. Claim to be a victim because of my own gender.

    3. Troll, pick fights, and create multiple accounts to do so.

    4. Downvote answers and give one star ratings on questions just because I don't like the person.

    5. Block people.

    • 6. Complain about GAG while spending every waking moment here.

    • Yep yep yep! This multiple account thing is crazy though lol people take GAG way too seriously lol

    • Indeed.