What are the 5 cute things you see on GAG that make you laugh?

Just asking for fun.For example, there's this nice GAGer that seemed to feel bad when I gave him the Best Answer for a particular question that I posted and he went on to talk about it for a little while and hoped to share his Best Answer with the other answerers who didn't get it.Hahaha.I think that's cute and funny.

I mean cute in a nice and positive way,please :)


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  • 1. When someone acts genuinely grateful for your answer/advice/attention. It's so sweet and refreshing. I'll look forward to seeing their posts in the future too, because that kind of attitude sticks out, to me, and I want more of that in my life, even if just here on the net.

    2. When I see two people flirting in their comments, not in the nasty way (haha), but in a sweet way, like "aww shucks" kind of way, I think that's adorable.

    3. When people post questions about stressful/potentially bad situations and later post updates letting everyone know everything is okay or really good. I love that!

    4. When some of the well liked GAGers act like they don't know they're well liked, haha! That's cute. I always imagine them slightly smirking behind their computers, haha!

    5. When I see posts about how happy people are with their partners. That's something else I love to see here, but unfortunately don't see it much.


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  • People who get SO upset when you criticize their question or answer, as if they were risking their reputation.

    .We rarely know who we are talking to, and there won't be any repercussions if you are 'wrong', whatever that may mean when we are discussing relationshps where we don't know the people involved.

    So it's a bad sign when anyuoe can get emotional over GAg discussions. It makes you wonder how they can stay in control in any real-life situation that gets difficult or stressful;.

    • UPDATE: The people who go on for a whole page describing a date, and then ask if they should have a second date...obviously they should if they were so impressed with the first one!

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  • Hmmm I can't think of 5 but there are that makes me laugh

    1. People who started multiple accounts and answered their own questions

    2. Some people here are really funny and they really made me laughed a lot eg. Their creative and humourous way of answering questions

    • Ya,you are one of those that make me laugh a lot.Sometimes when I'm outside and think of the things you say to me and Cromartie ,I really want to laugh but try hard to control myself.Some guys thought I'm smiling at them because I look all smiles and they smile back.Haha.

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    • Ni bu well-liked hai you shui well-liked?! come on,ni zai GAG you zhe me duo hao peng you,

      zui zhong yao de shi ni de OU XIANG like ni :)))

    • Hahha wo jue de wo hen ping fan...di diao..peng you hai okay. .mei jue de zi ji well liked hahaha

  • I think it's cute when there's some really shy, nerdy guys on here...they always make me go "aaw".

  • I've never come across anything on GAG I'd call cute.

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