What is/are some commonly given advice/sentiments on GAG that you disagree with?

I tend to roll my eyes at the "be yourself, love will find you" answer that tends to come up every now and then. It's not because I think it's untrue or anything. I just think it's missing a few steps/ doesn't paint the whole picture.

What about you?


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  • Follow your passion, even if your passion is making art/songs/stories that no one will buy. this is a dangerous thing to tell people (kids especially), and it's not kind. They then end up thinking that they'll be just fine living in a crappy apartment with nothing but Ramen to eat thanks to the fact they work at McDonalds...all because they were told to go chase the butterflies. That idea goes along with the "just be yourself" advice too. You're right. They are prevalent because it's easy advice to give, but it's cheap and false.

    “The real trouble is that 'kindness' is a quality fatally easy to attribute to ourselves on quite inadequate grounds. Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment. Thus a man easily comes to console himself for all his other vices by a conviction that 'his heart's in the right place' and 'he wouldn't hurt a fly,' though in fact he has never made the slightest sacrifice for a fellow creature. We think we are kind when we are only happy: it is not so easy, on the same grounds, to imagine oneself temperate, chaste, or humble.”


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  • "Women love jerks"/"Nice guys finish last".

  • "It's okay to be overweight, you're still beautiful. Being fat isn't unhealthy."

    Sorry, but for most people being overweight is NOT beautiful and being fat IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE UNHEALTHY. The people who say it isn't are literally retarded. Even if you manage to maintain good cholesterol and don't have a heart attack the strain on your joints alone should be motivation to lose weight.

    (I'm not saying it's easy to lose weight or blaming fat people for being fat, but I AM blaming the idiots who go around saying fat is okay in an effort to make everything all butterflies and unicorn shit.)

  • It's not specific advice but I feel that all the question answerers answer questions in the absolute best case scenario. Eg:

    QA- "My girlfriend broke up with me and I've asked her out a hundred times since, she's said no to all and got a restraining order against me. Do I still have a chance?"

    A- "Of course you do! just be persistent and she will come around!

    QA- "I like this girl and asked her out and she said no but her body language says differently - she wants me! How do I get her to stop saying no?"

    A- "Just continue to pursue her. She might be playing hard to get or wants you to work for it."

    QA- "I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now. He cheats on me, abuses me and kicks me out of our house to let other girls come over. Should I break up with him?"

    A- "Try talking to him first. Make him see how upset you are and he'll come around."

    (On a side note it also seems like QAs want reassurance that they made the right decision rather than actual advice...)

  • Baiscally, everything lol. It's not so much that I roll my eyes, as I just get REALLY

    frastrasted and wonder where people come up with this stuff! There's a few things I

    agree with,but most things I just don't.

  • It's okay to do Anal

  • A long time ago, I remember a question posted by a woman. She was talking about how distressed she was about her boyfriend watching p*rn. Very normal p*rn too, by the way. Nothing illegal or even freaky. She was asking what to do about it because she wanted him to stop.

    A woman answered telling her that she should block the websites on HIS computer and block them on HIS smartphone as well, so that he wouldn't be able to access the sites at all.

    The most ridiculous crap I've ever seen. I so hope that chick didn't take that advice.

    How absurd!

    • Exactly! We all know women don't know jack about technology. If she would have take this advice, she'd probably killed herself by now. Let's all hope she's still well off. And her boy friend still jack off.

  • I'm new to GaG, but this one I hear from life: "He just can't handle a strong woman like you."

  • Yes I agree recently I had a question because I was a little confused on where me and my friend stood and I got he loves you! Like you said not that I don't appreciate what you said It just seems to be missing a few steps

  • "It's not your fault you have an STD"

    • If this one is common, I fear for humanity! :P

    • I need to jump in on this one and say that sometimes it's not. My best friend got a curable STD from her very first partner (her long time, supposedly monogamous boyfriend of 3 years) because he cheated. She even insisted on getting tested before they slept together the first time. I'd never say it was her fault.

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  • "Be yourself"

    "Looks don't matter"

    "The Inside is all that Counts"

    "It'll be okay"

    "It's not your fault"

    "You can do it"

    "Just work harder"

    "Have faith"

    "People are evil, it's not you"

    "No one likes virgins"

    "Hide everything unpleasant about yourself"

    "Lying solves problems"

    "Honesty is always best"

    "Omission makes no sense"

    "There's nothing you can do about other people's decisions"

    "You're an asshole"

    "Sometimes that's just life"

    "Roll with the punches!"

    "You can't win them all!"

    "So what? Fuck them."

    "Being independent is the best thing you can do"

    "Listening to others is stupid if it doesn't align with your views"

    I'll stop.

    • Nah man, "The inside is all that counts" is good advice, but people like to think it means personality, lol... It means both personality and virginity, rest are annoying... I wonder why girls, since men rarely do, have the need to shame virgin girls?

  • The "He's intimidated by you" comments to girls. Now many girls are assuming they are so good looking that guys are intimidated when they may just not be interested.

    The "Best answer" just being a guy agreeing with the QA on something when everyone else says otherswise. You can have a bitter guy making up something like "Why are women such gold diggers" and you can have a ton of answers saying that most women aren't but not before scrolling through a BA saying "I know right!? Women just want money! It's horrible!"(hypothetical example but you know what I mean)

    • Yeah girls get too entitled when they realize "hey maybe your ugly, he's not interested, you you're a whore and he doesn't like that"... Although most women are gold diggers, you can't just the majority from the minority.

  • It's OK to be a whore so be proud about it... The usual wording is like "Explore your sexuality and if your future partner has a problem with it then that's HIS problem."

    I find that if your future partner has a problem with it then it is your problem, and also it tries to paint a picture of guys having to accept women who aren't virgins even if they don't want to since it is just the only way they make em

    • Lol so this is only geared toward the female "whores." What about the male ones? The reason why advice like that is given is because of the double standard. If men were equally bashed, which they aren't as evidenced by your biased post, then women wouldn't be encouraged so often.

    • Men and Women are different, from a pure biological stand point to a mere social one. Men can sleep around, its our very nature and that nature is the only reason we are alive today. Women on the other hand have the basic nature of one partner, if women slept around in the past we would be here today posting on this site. You can't combat millions of years of evolution hardwired into mens and womens brains and then expect entire definitions to change.

    • If a woman is a virgin that doesn't mean she is going to stay with you and or love you.

  • Anything that discriminates people for their Gender, Race, Age and anything people can't help being.

    I know that weight can be helped in many cases because people can lose weight, but what about if someone had their face burned in an accident? They can't help they are unattractive because their face was burned.

    • But that doesn't mean that person is entitled to love or acceptance romantically, for the face burning part, but the rest is good. I find it annoying how people nit pick and discriminate on innate things people are born with as if they had a choice to be black or what not.

    • I'm not sure what you mean about the first part

  • "You're such a jerk for beating your pregnant gf! :o"

    "No, girls don't like to be farted in the face."

    "So, you made a teddy bear out of your own sh!t and then even get upset that she calls the mental home?"


    I'm sure you all have encountered these answers when telling about your problems, haven't you. These people are so naiive and always telling you the same old story...*rolleyes*

  • I hate the constant "nope he or she is not right for you, you are being played, you are a moron, wake up, you are a doormat"

    I mean, really, everyone on here just immediately dumps their SO without tryin to work through things?

    • thisthisthis

      I think this is what makes it difficult to take relationship advice from people on here. Their inexperience shows. Everything is "dump him/her"

      Like damn, we now know why the divorce rate is so high

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    • In America only, right?

    • I find it is more women than men doing this pickle, given 90% of divorces are initiated by women. Anyway breaking up isn't always bad if it is 'you are being played or doormat' those are valid reasons, not right is rarely a good reason since that can't be known for sure and how is being a moron grounds for breaking up...

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