"The Time Of The Doctor" is coming. Peter Capaldi set to replace Matt Smith. How do you feel about that, GaG?

Doctor Who's upcoming Christmas special, the Time of the Doctor, airs in less than a week from now. I probably won't see it until the day after, but I'm excited.

The big thing about it is that they're going to kill off the eleventh Doctor, and we'll be getting a new one. How do you feel about that?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • When exactly is this going to air haven't really caught anything. On the flip side I didn't care for the latest doctor so I haven't really been watching Doctor Who lately. Hopefully I will like the next one better.

    • Well, I think it's already aired in britain. In canada (where it says you are) it airs on Space at I think 8:00 central.

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    • Oh it was just that you referenced Britain I thought you were there.

    • I referenced britain because:

      1: That's where the show's from.

      2: That's where it airs first. Which, of course, if you put in some effort, you can watch it as it airs in britain, or shortly or even immediately after.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I could never really get used to Matt Smith so I am looking forward to a new doctor. I still miss Eccelston and Tenant, I hope I love the newest one as much as I loved those two.

    • Here's hoping the cycle doesn't totally repeat again and we end up with somebody who is (for the most part, or at least at first...) utterly unlikable. Y'know like with Colin Baker.

What Guys Said 1

  • I'm going to miss Matt Smith quite a bit I think. I still prefer Tennant over Smith, but I have grown to like Smith a good bit. I've never seen Capaldi in anything else (except World War Z), so I'm a little nervous about how he'll be as The Doctor.

    Still, the newest commercial has me incredibly excited. The fact that Daleks are stating that he's regenerating seems odd--you'd think that'd be the point when they'd try to exterminate him so that he couldn't fully regenerate..in fact, the Daleks' statement also means that they finally know who he is again (just realized this!).

    Can't wait to kill about 3 hours of my Christmas night with Doctor Who (I plan on watching the Farewell to Matt Smith before the episode, too). Here's hoping Capaldi makes a great Doctor!