What's the most interesting/ funny/ remarkable intro GAG users have put on their profile?

There was this "16 year old girl" (dunno neither whether she's really 16 nor female) who wrote this:

"I like to give short answers, and I'm highly attractive."

She's probably fake. But it's funny though.

there is this "18 year old girl" on GAG who wrote:

"I am hot and open minded."

and uses a this image that was 5 years ago on the internet (if this was really her, then it means she wore it when she was 13):



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  • there was this one GAG user who wrote I'm hot and open minded - up for any sort of chat - if you're going to add me don't think I'll talk dirty

    contradictory right lol - she's juxtaposing lol

    • look at the update and check out the link in it. I think we're talking about the same "girl". I don't know wheter the user is really a girl. XD

    • lol I think so she's answers questions frequently

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  • Something like 'Don't add me if you're not going to talk to me. Thank you and f*ck off!' Alrighty then.