Constantly feeling sick after food/towards the end of the day?

Hello. I've had this issue for years now. Whenever I eat a bit more "heavily" than just a slice of bread, I start feeling very ill. It's like I get a lot of saliva in my mouth and I feel really disgusted and want to throw up.

I don't always eat breakfast. Sadly I haven't paid attention if there's a correlation between those.

I can get rid of the feeling in two ways: either by sleeping or by gagging a few times. I don't throw up anything but a little bit of slime from my throat and/or that terrible stuff from my stomach that really tastes super horrible, but after that the sickly feeling goes away.

Last night when I felt sick again after my brother's wedding, I gagged a few times and threw up that disgusting stomach stuff with something red in it. It was bright red and there wasn't very much of it. The only somewhat red things I consumed that evening were salmon and blueberry cheesecake, but neither one of them were that colour, and I had eaten them like 6 hours earlier.

What is this and what should I do about it? It's really annoying and I just end up trying to avoid eating anywhere else but at home.


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  • may want to go to the doctor. could have an intolerance to something or digestive issues either way go to the doctor


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  • I know you will appreciate every answer here, but I'm sure you'll appreciate a solution more. So go see these guys called Doctors. You're welcome stomach.

    • Yes, I was just wondering if it's something I cause myself by eating in a bad way or something.

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  • Maybe jus full or food poisoning

    • I don't need to feel full all day, but I might still get it. And I eat regular, normal foods that haven't gone bad, which I eat all the time.

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