Technical support please!

I must have accidentally changed my settings for on my firefox, cause suddenly it won't fully load.

Most links aren't there, I can't click on up/downvotes, most profile pictures are blank, the GirlsAskGuys logo won't show. It's mostly blank with only the basic stuff showing.

It's only this site and only on firefoc, it works find on other browsers. I have no idea what I did.

I have already reinstalled java, flash, firefox, and cleared my cookies. Any ideas?


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  • flush your cache? "Clear recent history" in preferences.

    If that doesn't work... backup & rename your profile and create a new one.

    I haven't used Windows in a long time so don't know explicit instruction for backing up a profile though.

    • I have cleared my cache already.

      And it's obviously got nothing to do with my profile, it happens even when I open the site while not being logged in. Also, the site workds just fine (both logged in and logged out) on other browsers.

    • Oops, I wrote too ambiguously. What I meant to write is backup and rename your *Firefox* profile.


    • Ah thanks, I'll try that!

  • Alt, Ctrl, Del


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