Would any GAGers like to comment on this paragraph of 'the chicken or the egg' old puzzle?

Here is a paragraph that I have just read:

Yet greater difficulties for evolutionary theory involve the origin of the complete genetic code--a requirement for cell reproduction.The old puzzle of 'the chicken or the egg' rears its head relative to proteins and DNA.Hitching says:''Proteins depend on DNA for their formation.But DNA cannot form without pre-existing protein.''This leaves the paradox Dickerson raises:''Which came first,'' the protein or the DNA?He asserts:''The answer must be,'They developed in parallel.' '' In effect,he is saying that 'the chicken' and 'the egg' must have evolved simultaneously,neither one coming from the other.Does this strike you as reasonable?A Science writer sums it up:''The origin of the genetic code poses a massive chicken-and-egg problem that remains,at present,completely scrambled.''

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  • Evolutionary scientist are forever chasing their tales while at the same time wondering if they ever had them. It would be comical if it weren't so pitifully telling. Being as I hold to a Christian world view, I'm almost certain that God created all living things in a fully-formed state. After all, when Adam was asked to name the chicken he apparently didn't name it "egg". We'll of course never learn the absolute truth in this life, but eventually we will. As Paul so elequently phrased it "We see through a glass darkly, yet one day all things will be revealed".

    • He gets a like And I get nothing? Seriously.

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    • You yourself said "I'm almost certain" you cannot claim certainty either, certainty is not appropriate for the external world, only tentative claims. Science deals with tentative claims so it is appropriate in understanding the external world. We all trust science, we cannot ignore it on some things and listen to it on others. Is there bigfoot? UFOs? Lochness monster? These are human imaginations. There is no scientific backing. Society cannot take religion more seriously than science

    • My faith is more rational than your science. You obviously understand little about the Christian faith, which is understandable since you've not investigated it sufficiently. You begin with science and hope to work you way out and find the origin of all that is, whereas I begin with the Cause itself and work my way backwards. It's as though you're bent on preparing and intricate dish without looking at the recipe. You end up never getting enough sugar for your nickel.

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  • THE EGG !

    Could you imagine the blown mind of the chicken must have been thinking they are taking a dump and an egg dropped out instead for the first time in the world? It would have freaked out and made scrabbled eggs and screwed up our entire quizitiveness

  • My guess is that protein came first because protein is more chemically active then DNA. The repeating unit is also easier to manufacture. Proteins probably formed spontaneously and catalyze the formation of DNA although RNA probably came first. Stretches of RNA reacted with certain proteins easier than others starting the basis for RNA/DNA acting as a regulating molecule. My guesses. It could be that both formed on their own separately as well.

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    • I don't down vote people for topics like this.Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I appreciate honest answers.Down voting discourages honest answers which kills the purpose of me being on this site. I thought I have already thanked you for your answer?Didn't you see it?I rarely down vote people.Unless they are saying things such as they want to cut or kill themselves or to harm the general public,then I would have to down vote them for a good cause.I'm sorry if I upset you in anyway.

    • Whoever down voted me they are pathetic retard then

  • a chicken is just an eggs way of making another egg.


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  • The egg