Is it against the rules to mention other websites here?

I was wondering whether or not it's against the rules on GaG to mention other reward/money making websites (legit ones, not scams, of course). More so, is it against the rules to include referral links (when appropriate)? For instance, putting a referral link in our profile description?

I remember looking around the rules once, but I didn't see anything about it from what I recall. I've also at least seen mention of other sites (like Swagbucks) and nothing was ever done or said to those users.


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    The ToS states that you cannot solicit or advertise other sites. Stuff like that that you mentioned is usually deleted on any site you go to. While the offenders who posted the material might not get banned, the material usually removed.


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  • If it looks like spam, it gets deleted as spam

  • people do it all the time.

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